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Home schooling PRO & CONTRA essay

Alles zu Essays and novelsIf you do home-schooling,you can wake up and begin to learn at the time you want to and you also can choose what you want to learn. You learn more and better because theres just one pupil to teach, so your parents are just concetrated on you. In my opinion, the family can spend more time togehter and can be very flexible about holidays. I agree with the disadvantage , that you have less friends and it is bad for your social behaviour if you don‘t learn how to treat other people ,like teachers or classmates.I think that school is sometimes very hard and stressful because of waking up early and learning very much, but if you ask me it is very important to build up realationships and get friends.Bullying is still a problem in lots of schools.
If you do home-schooling you don't meet other pupil and they can‘t bully you, but I‘m afraid I can‘t agree , because your life in the future, and your working life won‘t be always fair. At school you learn how to cope wich these problems.Another reasons against home-schooling are, that the things you learn can become boring because you have always the same teacher in each subject and nobody can be sure if you will get a good school-education at home.So if I had to decide wether I want home schooling in Germany, i would be against it.

Die Erörterung befasst sich mit dem Thema ob "Home-Schooling" in Deutschland erlaubt werden soll.

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