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Why we need quotas for women on boards (essay)

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Why we need quotas for women on boards

Across the world, women are underrepresented in leadership positions. In order to diminish the gender-related inequality in hiring processes, countries like Norway have responded by introducing female quotas, not only in politics but also for corporate boards. Should other countries follow the lead of these countries and is a female quota really the right way to break down barriers in terms of hiring?

To begin with, quotas are the quickest and most effective way to ensure more equal numbers of men and women on boards. Since even today women have to work much harder than men to get into leadership positions, them, if they are qualified, being promoted into positions of power would ameliorate the situation. Once the elite circles in board rooms are broken up, women can act as positive role models and are also more likely to hire more women.

Equally important is the aspect of improving aspirations and overcoming stereotypes by quota induced female leadership in order to increase women's success. For example, if women do not invest in their education, career, and leadership potential, because they are not motivated to do so, it is also unrealistic for them to aspire higher positions.

When they see other women filling similar positions, or are otherwise informed that these positions are open to them, they will discontinue to expect themselves to perform worse than their male colleagues and start using their full potential.

While there are many people who see the benefits of gender quotas on corporate boards and strongly support the implementation of such, there are also people who view a gender quota as wrong in principle, tokenistic and discriminative against men who happen to be running against a woman for a seat. Quotas are not discriminatory, they simply correct existing discrimination. There are certainly as many competent potential female board members as their male counterparts. Wrongly made assumptions and accusations concerning the reasons behind the promotion of women all contribute to undermining a woman's ability in the first place and makes it more difficult to prove herself.

All things considered, the female quota has worked out well in countries it has been introduced in, and has not only positive effects on society, but also on women's self esteem.

Generally speaking, I think that gender quotas are a sufficient, necessary concept to realize gender equality in society: despite the drawbacks, having a gender quota is definitely an improvement and brings women closer to true gender equality, even if the progress would be slow.
Arguments for implementing a quota for women on boards. This essay is focussing on pro arguments to support the introduction of a quota for larger companies. (426 Wörter)
09.07.2017 von jothecat
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