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Essay: Soll Großbritannien die Monarchie abschaffen?

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Britain should abolish monarchy

In a monarchy the throne is usually passed to the eldest descending family member of the Royal Family who inherits the power to reign a country with the crown and becomes the sole head of state. England is a country in which monarchy has been preserved throughout several centuries, although it is important to say that those were times when monarchy held real power and was not just representative. While senior citizens think highly of the monarchy in their home country and speak of it as something that unifies the British people and gives them a common national identity, the younger generations mostly fear for their hard-earned money and simply cannot grasp the point of a "fake monarchy.
With that said, are the British monarchs still relevant in the 21st century?

It is important to know that the Royal family once was indispensable for their people as a keeper of stability. This can especially be seen at the time of World War II, when Queen Elizabeth's mother declared: The children won't go without me, I won't leave without the King and the King will never leave. The Britons relied on them for guidance and the monarchs did not cease to exceed their people's expectations.

Another woman worth mentioning is Princess Diana, Princess of Wales and the "Queen of Hearts, being one of the the first important people to touch topics like AIDS and other incurable diseases in general, in her speeches and to found charities to help boost research for a possible cure. In one of her speeches she said: "HIV does not make people dangerous to know. So you can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it. She may not have helped find a cure for diseases but she definitely tore down some of the walls between people suffering from AIDS and those lucky enough not to have the disease.

In the past the Royal family was really important to their people, today they are more of a tradition. A kind of living exhibit in the Museum of British History. A live-bait for the tourists, if you will.
Even though the Queen still has constitutional duties to address, like for example appointing the Prime Minister, these are only symbolic as she has to act in accordance with the government, elected by the people, as it should be in a democratic state. And the democracy is what makes the monarchs so unnecessary.

Royal attractions and happenings like for example the Diamond Jubilee bring the UK a lot of money from visitors and tourists, as does the Queen herself by attending a huge amount of engagements and founding charities. But frankly speaking, any publicly elected person could attend the same events and by that the profit would increase because the British Royal family is one of the most expensive Royal families in Europe. Millions of Pounds from the public funds go straight to which is unfair to the people to the hardworking people who earned the money in the first place. Also, if nobody lived in the Buckingham Palace it would always be available for visits, which would of course increase the revenue.

And last but not least, monarchies are unfair. With the hereditary system mo one will be able to work himself or herself to the top of they aren't of royal descent and those who are don't have to. Since the people who are going to be reigning their country have to be born as royals, their people might not even support their ideologies or simply like them.

Summing up you can say that the monarchy was a great governmental solution in the past, but nowadays there are better options for a state administration and with the younger generations the idea of a purely democratic state is growing. The Queen might be the current head of state but the whole concept of a Royal family is becoming more and more a legally superfluous attraction that I suppose is soon to be gotten rid of by the new generation.
After all, injustice, superfluity and costs that could be prevented should be reasons enough to finally abolish monarchy.
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von Zewdy
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