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Klausur zur Kurzgeschichte "Two Strangers Meet" (Englisch)

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Englisch-Klausur: Two Strangers Meet


1) Outline the plot of the story .
2) Write an ending to the story .  What is the story with the ending you have made up about?
1) Make a characterization of John Turner.
2) What is the decisive moment in John Turner's life that this story deals with, in your opinion?

Two Strangers Meet

John Turner was a clerk in the City of London. He wasn't rich, but as he
didn't spend mutt he could manage quite well. He lived in a boardhouse
near Paddington Station where he had a small room under the roof.
One Saturday evening John Turner put on his best suit examined the con
tents of his wallet and decided to go and enjoy himself in the West End.
He phoned for a taxi and told the driver the name of a cinema. In the
hall a lot of people were waiting at the boxoffice. But Turner didn't have
to wait. He had bought two expensive tickets the day before. Suddenly a
notice went up at the box-office window: 'House Full'.
Turner, with the air of the expert, looked round. He was not going to
spend the evening alone. His eyes fell on a beautiful young lady in an
elegant fur coat, Turner addressed her, "Excuse me, you look worried. May
I ask you what the trouble is?"
The young lady looked at him. Turner looked harmless enough
"Well," she said. "I wanted to see that film Love from a Stranger, but
now I can't. It's house full." .
"If I may help you," said Turner. "I've got two tickets for Love from
a Stranger. I was waiting for my friend. I don't know what has happened
to him. He hasn't come. May I make you a present of his ticket?"
"Hair lovely" cried the girl. "That's very, very kind of you. What do
you want for the ticket?"
"The pleasure of your company," said Turner. "May I introduce myself.
My name is John Turner, Doctor Turner."
"I am Betty Gordon. Lord Gordon's youngest daughter. Shall we go in,
Doctor Tuner?"
Turner was most impressed, for he had never before landed a fish of
that kind.
When they came out of the cinema two hours later, Turner turned to his
companion. "What about dinner?"
"Oh, I wouldn't say 'no' to a little meal. Let's go to Prunier's. They
have wonderful food."
Turner's heart fell into his boots when he looked at the menu. Every
thing was so terribly expensive, and he only had ten pounds in his wallet.
"I'll order some oysters for myself," said the young lady. "It's the
right month for them. And what do you think of a bottle of champagne,
Doctor Turner?"
The oysters and the champagne came. They were followed by some excel
lent veal cutlets, chipped potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Then `they had a
basket of fruit, sweets and black coffee.
The bill amounted to 15 pounds. Turner became most embarrassed. He
knew that he only had ten pounds in his wallet. For a minute or two he
wanted for run abut then he thought better of it. He told the girl that he
hadn't enough money on him to pay the bill.
"Is that worrying you?" said the girl. "Let me pay for myself."
She put ten pounds on the table "Order another bottle of champagne,
Doctor Turner. We're going to enjoy ourselves tonight."
Before they parted in Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, the young
lady asked Turner for his address...
Man bekommt eine Kurzgeschichte und muss dann Frage zu der Kurzgeschichte beantworten.
1) Outline the plot of the story.
2) Write an ending to the story. What is the story with the ending you have made up about?
1) Make a characterization of John Turner.
2) What is the decisive moment in John Turner"s life that this story deals with, in your opinion? (584 Wörter)
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