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"After twenty years" Kurzgeschichte

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Creative Writing

Jimmy Wells and Bob meet at the police station. Imagine a dialogue.
Bob was now sitting in the entrance hall of the police station. Beside him was standing a policeman who keep an eye on him to prevent that Bob could not escape. Bob was waiting for the man who should question him. After about half an hour a man came out of a room situated on the other side of the entrance hall. At first Bob couldn't see his face but when he came nearer Bob could, all of a sodden, recognise the face of his old friend Jimmy Wells.
The inspector said: "Are you Bob?"

Bob: "Yes!"
Jimmy (Inspector): "Would you please come with me, I have some questions to ask you. Please follow me in my office."
Bob: "Yes Jimmy, I also have some questions you to ask!"
Jimmy: "Don't talk to me this way! I'm a police officer! I never saw you before! For you I'm just Officer Jimmy Wells!"
Jimmy and Bob entered in his office and he closed the door with a key to not be disturbed during his work and to be able to speak to Bob in another way.
Jimmy: "So Bob, what have you done. My best friend. I can't believe that you are a criminal now. Before you were so friendly and simpatico to everyone. What did you become. Oh dear...!?"
Bob: "That's what I wanted to hear from you! What have you become, Jimmy! Yesterday you betrayed me! I never thought that you could do something like that to your best friend."
Jimmy: "Now listen to me Bob! A lot of things changed In the last twenty years and you know that it's a long time. I finished all this robbery in the shop that we did before. I'm not fighting with gangs like we used to do before, Bob. I stopped all this things and I grew up and became more intelligent. So I chose a job and became a man who protects other from people that we used to be in our teenager age. Can you understand this?"
Bob listened with a high attention to his friend and his face became sad.
Bob: "Yeah, I think your probably right. I didn't realise all the problems I created and all the things I have done! I were so stupid but now there's no turning back......!"
Jimmy had a bit of pity for his old friend and took off Bobs handcuffs...
.....And said: "Go Bob! Go! You're free! I will give you a last chance. Do the best with it. Find a job and don't rob people anymore!
Bob: "You're sure of what you're doing?"
Jimmy: "Yeah! Don't worry. Just leave the police station by this window over there. It gives to a little street behind the police station. Nobody will see you. Let's meet at the same point where we should meet yesterday in exactly 10 years. So I will be able to see what you have become! And now go!"
Bob: "See you my friend...!"

Write a short version of the story from:

Jimmy Well's point of view;
Jimmy was walking long the street and watching around him. Dressed in his policeman uniform he felt like an important man now. Suddenly he could notice a man standing at the place where he should meet with an old friend which he didn't see for 20 years. When he came nearer Jimmy could recognise that it was him. But that wasn't the only thing he noticed. He suddenly were very shocked at the moment at which the man lighted his cigar because the policeman noticed that it wasn't only his old friend Bob but also the same person who the police is looking for. Bob didn't recognise him because it was too dark. Jimmy felt very sad because he is a policeman now and he normally had to arrest his friend but he couldn't do that so he talked to him like if he were a normal person. After a wile he went on and the policeman tell everything to another policeman and asked him to do his job because he wasn't able to arrest his own best friend.
the plainclothes detective's point of view.
When I crossed the road I could notice another guardian who came to me. It was Jimmy. He looked very afraid and tell me that he just met an old friend who is waiting for him but that this old friend is in reality an criminal wanted by the police. He said that he couldn't arrest his best friend. So I proposed him that I will do the job instead of him. He said that it's ok. So I went to see Bob and tell him that I'm Jimmy. At first it worked very good because it was very dark so we couldn't see each other very good but when we came to a drug store with electric lights he noticed that I'm not his old friend Jimmy. So I arrested him and gave him the letter that the real Jimmy had written for him.
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Kurzgeschichte "After twenty years".

Aufgabe: Creative writing

2) Jimmy Wells and Bob meet at the police station. Imagine a dialogue.
3) Write a short version of the story from (864 Wörter)
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