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An instructive text tries to influence the reader, it suggests things they should do or should not do. These texts use imperatives very often and you can find a lot of modals (should, ought to, ...). Sometimes they contain explanations why a special behaviour is good or not so good.

A layout is the way different elements are arranged on a page. Important for layout are:
pictures / illustrations
size and number of columns
type of letters
the use of italics, bold type, bullets, underlined words
text type

is the classification of texts according to five different models based on the writers intention:
text form
how a text type is realized
p.e.: fairy tale
short story

An argumentative text deals with controversial matters, usually expresses a clear opinion and gives reasons why the writer holds that opinion. The writer often presents differing views on the subject in order to argue against these views and show that his or her opinion is the correct one.

Parallelism is the deliberate repetition of a similar or identical grammatical form in different sentences or parts of sentences.
is a direct comparison with the words "like“ and "as“
(his hair is like snow)
is a comparison between two unlike things
(a heart of stone)
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