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Can you correct my text please? 2)

Frage: Can you correct my text please? 2)
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In Italy I attend a university focused on languages and translation. Therefore, in the course of my academic years, I had the possibility to learn about translation studies, and in the second academic year I put into practice the theoretical concepts learnt during the first year of university, translating business letters and tourist texts. In the first year I learnt about all the processes involved in a translation, analysed the language of each text according to Halliday’s view of language (field and tenor), described the expected “audience” and analysed the overall structure of an argumentative text (Reiss’s expressive text) with reference to Halliday’s mode. In the second year I challenged myself by translating business letters from Italian into English and touristic texts from English into Italian. In this case, I had to take into account the language analysis, so that the `Target Text` (TT) could keep the spirit of the `Source Text` (TT).

During this course of the winter semester I translated about 3500 words. To translate a Wikipedia article usually took me three hours, but usually one day before the deadline I cut out two hours in the day to refine my text on both the word file and the Wikipedia page. Since most students have a fairly high level of knowledge of the English language, it usually took me several hours to check every little part of their texts for grammar errors. With regard to typographical, typography and layout mistakes and other kinds of mistakes I used to check the Wikipedia Manual of Style regularly to compare the official rules with the students’ texts. I followed this procedure, for example, with Chudanova’s translation of “Liteks” Wikipedia page, in which I add comments that concerned the parameters by Mossop. For each text I searched on the Internet more information about the subject of the article, always using authoritative and reliable websites, to know more about the subject and to verify the facts mentioned in the article. For example, before translating the Wikipedia article about Nicola Porro I searched for information on his official website, in which some information about him were given, and also in the website of the daily newspaper “Il Giornale”, of which Porro is deputy editor.
In the articles Tales of a Grandfather and Locman I added some information which were not present in the original text.
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