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Umweltverschmutzung: comment auf Englisch "A challenge for the people - saving the environment"

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A challenge for the people saving the environment

We live in an environment from which we are very addicted. We need clean air for breathing, clean water to drink and untreated food to eat. At night we need rest to sleep well. Today we need enough raw materials to receive our living standards. For example we need to save the water, the ground and the air from poisonous substances and the destruction of the world from animals and plants. The high living standard makes live easier. The industrialization, the increasing traffic and population are a serious threat for the environment because of harmful substances. Cars, factories and power stations are blowing poisonous materials in the air. Polluted water from the industry is dirtying the rivers and the seas. The impacts are that fish are dieing and the ground water is in danger. The acid rain, oils and poisons pollute the ground. These are reasons for dieing of forests. A huge problem is the noise, too. Cars, plains and factories create it. In the cities, the noise level increased so much that many people arent able to sleep well anymore.

The natural occurrences of raw materials are getting more and more less and on the other hand, the mountains of rubbish are growing faster. Natural living spaces are destroyed to build new streets, housing estates and factories. The human being recognizes it when the self-regulation is getting lost in his ecosystem. Their natural enemies do not kill some animals any more and so they reproduce themselves dangerously more and more. Many people do something for the conservation in their free time. They inform the public about environment problems and make suggestions for the improvement of the conservation. Many laws have been enacted for reducing the pollutants in the air, relieving the rivers. Conservationists make sure that the living spaces and species of animals and plants are obtained. But although there is done a lot, there are many unsolved problems. In the future, the efforts have to go on and on.

The care of the environment concerns not only states and environmentalists. Every individual can make his/her contribution. It starts with buying things, which have large-scale packaging. In the free nature you can behave conservation-conscious by not going into protected areas from plants and animals by leaving them alone. Conversation can bring a lot of fun if you become a member in a team of children or young persons, which you can find everywhere.
In dem Text geht es um die Umwelt und ihre Verschmutzung, die derzeitige Situation und mögliche Problemlösungen.
"A challenge for the people - saving the environment" - Referat in englischer Sprache. (412 Wörter)
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