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Review zu "The Day after Tomorrow" (auf Englisch)

Alles zu Roland Emmerich  - The Day after  Tomorrow

Review (Überblick, Kritik, Rezension)

My topic today is the film called “The Day after Tomorrow“ directed by the “Master of Disaster“ Roland Emmerich, a German.
The film is about the coming apocalypse that covers the Northern Hemisphere in a sheet of ice and snow. Huge hail grains as largely as foot balls hit on Tokyo and furious tornados lay waste Los Angeles. The cause of this disaster is global warming. The hero is a scientist named Jack Hall as the reasonable man of reason to whom nobody will listen until it's too late. He wants to rescue his son Sam who is in New York on a school trip. Sam and some of his friends have hidden in the town library of New York. To keep in they burn the valuable books as the ice age starts. Meanwhile some scientists in Scotland told about human destiny as they slowly freeze to death and in Washington Jack's wife take care of a young cancer patient.
Lastly the Northern Hemisphere is a sheet of ice and snow, but it gives some people they are survived and they stand of the roof of the buildings with smiling faces.
Emmerich wants to do with the film clearly like we handle with our only earth, which is that he would like to clear up us about our failure. Especially the American environmental policy is denounced. One knows that the USA have positioned themselves against the environmental protocol of Kyoto. In all countries the carbon monoxide production should be lowered, but in the USA the opposite is rather the case. Above all, because of the missing environmental consciousness and a standard of living this would be disturbed by this protocol. But as well as in the film all that does not pass today on tomorrow that the nature punishes us for our behaviour. But she itself about that does not please gets clear by the increasing disasters which become worse from year to year than announcements of a comprehensive climate change. Thus I remember in Germany, e.g., the "century flood" 2 years ago which did parts of Germany the disaster area or the “tsunami” last year at Southeast Asia.
By melting the Pole too much fresh water has flowed into the oceans and has interrupted the sea streams which stabilize the climate. The global warming has released a new ice age. And it manifests herself in one single huge storm.
But is the story of the film real?
The climate change is real. It gets hotter. The person is present just to change the climate. And the results of that are: the increase of the sea level, melting the glacier worldwide etc. In addition, the probability of extreme weather events, floods and dryness are increases, also in the North, but especially many island states and level coast regions are threatened in her existence.
Another aspect is, it comes for a movement of climate zones and consequently to big damages for person and nature. Even if we already a lot about the climate change know, and the exit is still unclear and also the dangers linked with it.
The film begins with the collapse of the gigantic ice clod in Antarctic. Really this broke more than 3,000 km²; big ice clod in March, 2002 completely together trigger by the warming especially strong in Antarctic. In the course of the global warming it comes for melting of the glaciers and the polar masses of ice. In critical times even the glazes of the masses of ice threaten in Greenland. In that case the sea level would rise slowly and inexorably about several meters with catastrophic results for the earth.
Climate models show that the north Atlantic stream threatens to cool by the imbalance of salted water and fresh water. This stream brings originally warm water masses of the Caribbean to Europe, but then this would take place under other conditions and also cool the warm water masses. And therefore the temperatures can also fall, above all, in Europe and less in the USA, fast. Such ice age, like in the film, will not be still expected.
That is my opinion about the real facts of the story with the help of some information by “google”.
Summarized to my mind the film was very interesting, but it was a little too long. The story is at the beginning exciting but later slightly boring and long-winded. On the other hand the special effects are breathtaking. They have sometimes deflected from the long-winded story. And other positive aspects are the camera running and the music who accompany the plot.
I want to recommend the film “The Day after Tomorrow”.
Diese Rezension beinhaltet eine kurze Inhaltszusammenfassung des Films. Danach wird näher auf den Text eingegangen, ob die story wiklich passieren könnte. Am Ende wurde eine persönliche Meinung beigefügt.
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