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Mobiles at school: Pro con text, bitte korrigieren

Frage: Mobiles at school: Pro con text, bitte korrigieren
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Should it be allowed to use a cellphone at school ?
Today cellphones are very important for us.
But it is an advantage when students can use them at school ? Or do they just disturb the teacher to teach ?
In this text I will discuss this by the following question, should it be allowed to use a cellphone at school ?

First, in an emergency it could be important to be on call. For example, a friend needed to get the massage that his brother is at the hospital . Undoubtedly this is pretty important.

Second, nevertheless some mobiles are expensive , consequently, they will get stolen. There are articles , wich proof, mobiles get stolen at school playgrounds.

Another point is the boring at school playgrounds, because of the less money for equipment. For example listening to music in the brakes with a cellphone would not be boring.

Finally, mobiles disturb the lessons. Namely if a cellphone rings during a lesson.

All in all , weighing the pros and cons, the using of a cellphone at school brings more disadvantages than advantages.
Frage von the_user_Jonathan | am 27.03.2017 - 23:42

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Antwort von DanilaWhite | 28.03.2017 - 15:21
a friend need to get the message..

which proof ( ohne Kommata ) --> There are articles which can proof that mobiles are getting stolen at school playgrounds
An other point is the boredom at school playgrounds because of the less equipment.
Listening to music during the brakes with a cellphone would not be so boring anymore.

weightening the pros ... the use of cellphones at school will bring more ...

Gruß Danila White

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