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Drugs - An article for a school magazine

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Drugs - An article for a school magazine

Hey Guys!
Today I'll tell you something about the worst things you can be addicted to - drugs!
At the beginning I'll give you an overview of some different kinds of drugs. Usually they are sniffed, injected or smoked but some can also be swallowed. For example - LSD. These tiny coloured tablets, which are taken by mouth give you glazed eyes, over - excitement and acute confusion. Drugs, that are usually sniffed or injected are Cocaine or Heroine. At first you feel very alert but after the "great trip" you can't sleep with cokaine and you feel drunk if you have sniffed heroine. And last but not least there is the famous Cannabis which is also called Grass. It's commonly smoked in a joint. After smoking it you feel drunk which means that you have a higher risk of accidents.
So... why do people take drugs? I'll just explain to you some reasons. Many drug addicts just want to escape from their problems. Others are tricked by a pusher because they get free drugs from them until they are addicted - and then they buy them. Furthermore, some people are just curious and thy them 'cause they want to know the effects. The last theory I want to mention is that people just want to be mainstream. I mean.. how must a human being think that he destroys his live just because the others do?!
But if we don't start taking drugs we don't have to fight against these problems! So live healthily and enjoy your life like it is!

Als Hausaufgabe mussten wir einen Text für ein Schulmagazin schreiben, welcher verschiedene Drogen, deren Wirkungen und einige Theorien, wie man süchtig wird, beschreibt. (276 Wörter)
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