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Article on Advertising at Schools

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Article on Advertising at a School

Your school wants to find sponsors for buying new equipment. There is a discussion if sponsorship is against the principle of the ban on advertising at schools. You write an article for the school homepage.


- Describe which forms of advertising are already present at school
- Explain which firms/products should not be used as sponsors
- Discuss the impact of advertising on young people in general
Write 250 words. Give your article a title.

Should advertising at school be totally banned?/ Looking for sponsors/ Advertising in schools

You enter our school building and step on a carpet. Have you realized that you have just encountered your first advertising message? The carpet says, "start up and advertises courses for passing the driving test.

Apart from this subtle message, you find a lot of advertising all over the school building. Language schools and au-pair-agencies have their brochures distributed. Even the drinks you can buy from vending machines are a form of advertising. Only certain brands are available, their company logos can be seen on the refrigerators. Of course, adverts for unhealthy stuff are banned.

As our school is proud of its health program, a lot of prospective sponsors cannot be invited. Soft drink producers like "Red Bull or fast food chains like "Mac Donald's would be interested in targeting our age group. However, their products contain too much sugar or fat and thus not eligible for our school. Recently, even tour operators that wanted to provide information on their final school trips were not allowed to use classroom for their presentations, because these trips are infamous for their drinking sprees. A sponsor should agree with the general standards of our school program and not encourage misbehavior.

Young people are easily influenced, and advertisers know about how to trap them into buying cool products. Flashy colors, pop songs and commercials showing happy youngsters suggest that they are happier if they use certain brands. This may also create peer pressure, because students using no-name brands might feel excluded.
So, let's hope that the school board chooses a sponsor wisely to protect us against the dangers of advertising!
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