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Kann jemand das hier kontrollieren?
A few days ago I read a report, which Iconsidered an important issue.
For that reason I reflected about thisitem and I would like to present you my thoughts. I am going todiscuss, if students hould be allowed to use their mobiles at school.If it is supposed in geral that most students have a mobile, thelegitimate question is: Are they permitted to use their mobiles atschool?
On the one hand you often hear peoplesay that it is a good idea to use the phone at school.
First, you can use the phone inemergency situations. For example, your parents happens an accident,while you are at school. So your parents could talk to you and theywould inform you.Another example is,when you have missedthe bus. For that reason, you could talk to your parents to informthem.
Second, the phone is useful in lessons.The reason for this is, when you need a vocable, you can watch is bythe phone. The phone is in this situation more flexible than adicitionary.
Another argument for is that thephone could help you in situations, who you are nervous.For example,you have in one day eightclass hours.So you need a little break to relax.
On the other hand people think that thephone should be not allowed to use it at school. There areseveral/various reasons for this.
First, ot could be give a problem withthe communication. In the breaks would the students always play withethe phone. That is why they wouldn´t chat or do something, when theschool is over.
Another significant point is that a lotof people would be cheat in exams and so he doesn´t take pains. Incontrast with someone, who learned the whole day. That would be veryunfair.
Finall, the students could take photosby someone, who does´t want it. For example, the student could takea photo by a teacher and he puts it in the internet.
Weighing the pros and cons ,I come tothe conclusion that the cons are more impressiv than the pros.So all in all I believe that the phonesshould be not allowed at school. This dicision is as far as I can seethe right.
Frage von MaxMay (ehem. Mitglied) | am 03.10.2014 - 15:50

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Antwort von Ratgeber | 03.10.2014 - 20:02
Der 1. Absatz kann bleiben...

On the one hand you often hear people say that it is a good idea to use the phone at school.
First let me numerate (aufzählen) some reasons,
why it may be useful for students to take their mobiles along school. 

  • Safety reasons
    Students can not only keep in touch with their parents but they can also contact emergency numbers, friends and relatives during urgent and complicated situations.
    Also:parents can communicate with their children, and know their whereabouts (Aufenthaltsorte).
  • Communication : With cell phones, you can easily reach your kids/friends for any reason: to ask them questions, change plans, or to simply say hello. 
  • Mobiles as research tools : Besides, the phone may be useful in lessons. For instance, if you need a vocable, you can check it in the Internet by the phone. In this situation the phone is more flexible than a dictionary. Or, if astudent is slow to copy notes from the board, pictures can be taken of themissed notes and accessed later.   

Now I will come to the second part of my remarks, the CONS of having a mobile in school  
  • Let me first mention distraction : Texting, playing and making calls during class hours definitely are major distractions for students and one of the common disadvantages of having mobiles in the classroom.
  • The second argument against the use of mobiles in the classroom is cheating. Having the Internet on the phone provides the student for an opportunity to cheat. Take a picture of the test, send it to your buddy, and get a text back with the answer. Cheating is easier than working hard for a test.
  • Finally, students might use mobiles f or wrong or illegal activities and purposes like thefts, drug deals or taking pictures of someone, who doesn’t want it and put it in the internet (facebook, Twitter…).   
  • And last not least the mobile might get stolen…   

Balancing pros and cons, I conclude that the cons are stronger than thepros. So all in all I believe that the phones should be not allowed at school. Thisdecision is as far as I can see the right.     

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