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The Outback- Argumentation Pro and Cons

Frage: The Outback- Argumentation Pro and Cons
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Hallo alle zusammen :)

ich hab mal eine Frage bzw.
eine Bitte ^^, undszwar schreibe ich morgen eine Englisch Klassenarbeit und muss bis dorthin meine Erörterung des Outbacks (3 Pro, 3 Kontra Argumente) fertig schreiben, also perfektionieren, da dies 99,99% in der Klassenarbeit drankommt. Ich hab das schon mal so "Grob" gemacht, will dies aber allerdings perfektioniert haben, könnte mir da jediglich irgendjemand irgendwelche Verbesserungsvorschläge oder Hinzufügungen, Tipps geben? Ps: Zeitform- Simple Present

Danke schon mal im Vorraus :)

The Outback
"Would you like to live in the Outback?", this question have faced many people out there. So I am going to show you a little overview and the pro and cons of the living in the Outback

On the one hand, the Outback is a beautiful place, full of nature, peace and life. The awesome scenery, sights, the beaches, the red mountains and the sunset looks like out of this world. For example the Ayers Rock becomes because of it`s landscape a lot of Tourismus and Population.

In Addition, it is very quiet and peaceful out there ,but also the rest is pleasant and the stress that you have in a city, falls away.

Another argument for the living in the Outback is, that It is much cleaner in the Outback than in a big city where many people live and who make no thoughts about the nature and simply throw the rubbish away. The air in the Outback is much healthier than in the city, because the car exhaust less and fabrics are usually not available. If you go to Berlin, you can see and smell the exhaust of cars, buses and trams . Compare to the Outback, you see and smell instead of rubbish grass, flowers and other special plants.

On the other hand is that you won`t have a social life like in the City and it`s hard to find friends there, because you are the most time alone.

"Shopping", this word can you forget, alone the food is so expensive and the interent is expensive and slow too.

the Outback is very dangerous because there are so many deadly species there and the doctor is not exactly accessible nearby. And If a poisen snake bites you or you have an accident with your truckie and the rescue team comes too late, the person is in high life danger and this can end deadly.

Weighiting all the pro and cons, i come to the result that i find the live in the Outback is nothing for me, because this is too dangerous,
too hot and dry there. You are the most time alone and it`s difficult to stay in contact with friends or find friends.
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