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Essay: Spending one year abroad

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Essay- ''Spending a year abroad

The school time will end and what will you do?
After finishing school or before a new episode of school (repetition) begins, most young people want to spend one year abroad.
This special time has a lot of different aspects.
You have to find out whether spending a year in a foreign country is the best what you can do as a teenager (suggestion: is the best choice for a teenager to make or is the best thing that a teenager can do) or the most terrible experience of your life.
Even from a bad experience you can profit from it (suggestion: you can gain profit), because so (delete) you can learn to create a nice situation of your own for you (suggestion: for yourself), out of a bad one!
The situations can change but you must learn to live with them.
So all in all, spending a year abroad is the best what (suggestion: that) you can do as a teenager!
Development of arguments.

Counter-arguments first!
First of all, it will be definitely (suggestion: it will definitely be) a big transposition for you to life (suggestion: live) in another nation.
You will have difficulties in your knowledge of the language. That is one of the most frequent reason why pupils don’t want to leave their home country. It needs a period of time (suggestion: a period of time must be allowed) to speak the foreign language fluent and correct (suggestion: fluently and correctly).
The next aspect is that, you will be put into a totally different country with other people, lifestyles and culture.
The new culture can hardly be a shock for you, because you are out of the social state Germany. Everything can be different and strange and the other lifestyle can be complicated to understand and to execute (suggestion: to adapt to).
But ok, when you already can (suggestion: can already) manage these points, a year abroad includes some more different items.
(suggestion: Being) Far away from your home and your usual surroundings you can become sick…homesick and the loneliness will make you feel it kills you (suggestion: as if you can’t handle it anymore). You will miss your family, friends and maybe even the teachers, and of course they will miss you too, no question!
That is a horrible experience and not everyone can cope with that situation.
On top of it, in the (delete) most nations have different school systems, other times, other breaks, other teachers and maybe a school uniform.
The lessons can be very demanding, so afterwards you have (suggestion: may have) to repeat a whole school year back in Germany.
That is a good transition to the next aspect, because you can get extremely disappointed when your high expectation does not happen. For example that (suggestion: For example:) you do not graduate good (suggestion: well) from school and have to repeat this year.
Finally over all items discussed it must be said that one year in a foreign country costs a lot of money. It is a very expensive experience when you do not have any connections in the country.
Maybe you can get some subsidies from the social state Germany or you can get a scholarship, but without this special assistance, a trip in a foreign nation is expensive.

But to look over these arguments against (suggestion: on) to (delete) spending a year abroad, there are many positive aspects whereat (suggestion: that) one should think about it (delete)!
Because on the other hand, you can get to know and discover another culture, people and traditions which is the most interesting point of spending a year abroad and one which you will never forget in your whole life (suggestion: for the rest of your life).
Furthermore, you might gain more self-confident in the foreign language and in your life after having coped with the new situation abroad.
Moreover, some youngsters might even change their whole life because of the sty (suggestion: experience gained) in a foreign country.
Besides, you can begin a totally new life for one year abroad and after it (suggestion: afterwards), you will have a bright future with multicultural experiences and language skills.
You have the possibility to find friends from all over the world.
A trip in another nation gives you the chance to (suggestion: of) finding out your personality and your own limits, you will learn how to handle with (delete) difficult situations and to handle with(delete) many different people.
In this period of time, you will make so many different experiences (suggestion: experience so many different things), which will help you in your whole life!
Mostly young people can get more independent on then their parents (read and revise).
And last but not least, pupils can improve their knowledge in the foreign language.

In conclusion you can begin a totally new life for (suggestion: from) one year abroad and after it, you will have a bright future with multicultural experiences, language skills, and a very self-confident personality.
It will be a hard year and you will need a big stamina, but you will although learn to profit from it.
So one can just repeat: spending a year abroad is the best what you can do as a teenager (suggestion: is the best choice for a teenager to make or is the best thing that a teenager can do)
-eine komplette Argumentation-Jahrgang 11
-Gliederung: introduction, development und conclusion
(mit einigen Verbesserungsvoschlägen)
- (900 Wörter)
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