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Spending a year abroad

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Spending a year abroad

Today we want to find out, whether spending a year abroad is the best that you can do as a teenager or the most terrible experience of your life.
At the beginning, it might be very difficult to understand the other language. Suddenly you will be put into a totally different country, with other people, lifestyle and culture. No one can help you. No one of your friends and no one of your family. You have to cope this adventure alone. Probably you miss your family, friends, and teachers (maybe) there. Further, you have to get on with a totally different school system. Afterwards you have to repeat a whole school year. On the other hand, you can get to know another culture, people and traditions. Furthermore, you might gain more self-confident in English and in life after having coped with the new situation abroad. Moreover, some youngsters might even change her whole life because of the stay in a foreign country. Besides, you can begin a totally new life for one year abroad.
Mostly young people can get more independent on them parents.
And last but not least, pupils can improve their English.
So all in all spending a year abroad is best what you can do as a teenager.

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