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Discussion about euthanasia

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Interviewer: Currently euthanasia is causing a big stir. So, whatís your opinion about euthanasia?
Elderly couple: We are strongly against euthanasia. Assisted suicide attacks the values that bind society together. Itís common in our society that you try to help others and not to shorten oneís life. Also in the bible is written that you should get punished and that you come in the purgatory if you commit suicide. And if you assist suicide itís the same. Euthanasia should be allowed.
Mother: I canít believe that you would want to be kept alive with machines when suffer such huge pain and itís sure that will die anyway, sooner or later. About one year ago I lost my 10 year old child, because of cancer. Before that time Iíve never thought about euthanasia. But when I saw my little child suffering in treatment bed, being kept alive with machines, I hoped that he would pass away earlier. Earlier I didnít even think that there would come a time when I wished that my child should die. But the pain is so big and you canít call that condition life. Itís inhuman. I begged the doctor for switching off the machines but he didnít do that. Itís his fault that my child had to suffer such great pain before it perished.
Doctor: You canít say that itís the fault of the doctor. The doctor canít decide if itís now better to assist suicide or not. In Austria euthanasia isnít allowed now. But in my point of view euthanasia should become legal, too. Every man, child, woman has the right to die in dignity and if you die that way it isnít.
Priest: The only rational persons in this circle is the couple. Theyíre completely right. It attacks all values of society and also the 5th commandment says that you should not kill.

Write a discussion about euthanasia. Pro and Cons. (313 Wörter)
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