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Diskussion "Leben im Australischen Outback" auf Englisch

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Can you imagine life in the Australian outback?

No, I can't because live is very difficult there.
What do you mean?
The catering and getting clothes is very diffcult. And it's very boring. You only have the internet, the nature and maybe a dirt bike. If you have to live there for a long time, this would be boring.
And what about school and medical care?
For school there is the school of air. It is school over the internet. I don't find it bad although group work is almost not possible and it's not easy to find friends. The advantages are, that you can do your school work in your room or outside or where you want. You can do in the breaks what do you want and you can spend this time with everything in your room and you haven't to chance the room.
And what about the medical care?
The Royal Flying Doctor Service is responsible for the medical care. It is one of the largest aeromedical organisations of the world. It provides emergency and normal health care for those who live in the outback of Australia. You didn't have to pay if they help you. They are supported by the Commonwealth, the state and Territory governments and by FundRaising.
I thing it's good that they didn't take money if they help you.
In my opinion it's very dangerous to live in the outback. There are more dangerous animals than in cities because you live in the nature. And if a snake bite you or you have a really dangerous to live accident, I don't know if the RFDC can reach you early enough. So would you finally want to live in the outback?
I wouldn't live in the outback, because it's hot and dry there. You are (very) alone and it's difficult to stay in contact with friends.

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