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Comment about cars

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Comment about cars

Honda, Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, ..

These are different auto brands. The automobile exists for almost 122 years and it brought advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage which should be mentioned is that the car industry is very important for our economy. There is on the one hand the car tax and on the other hand there is the export. Germany produces a lot of cars to sell them abroad.
Another point to mention is the independence. You can get fast from one place to another without worrying about busses and tramways and when they will arrive and if you can still catch them.
Furthermore there is the aspect of the holidays. You can drive with your car into neighbour countries or you can visit your relatives on a long weekend unproblematicly by car. In addition you can transport heavy things by car, for example when you go shopping and buy a crate of beer you can bring it home easily.
And last but not least there is the aspect of fun. Most people who have their drivers license like driving, so they buy more and more cars which are faster, more comfortable and which have a great appearance.

But surely there arent only advantages. There also exist disadvantages.
People who get their drivers license become more and more lazy. They go very shortest distances by car which they could unproblematicly go by bicycle or on foot.
Then there are the animals which have to suffer. Often you can see dead, run over animals at the roadside. Its a sad sight.
Over and above there are the prices of gasoline which rises and rises. There will be the day when you cant drive by car anymore because of the immense prices of gasoline. The appearance of crude oil will be one day exhausted and then the people have to look for another possibility to run their cars.
Aside from the high prices there is the high rate of accidents. Driving is very dangerous, day by day there are so many bad accidents with dead or seriously injured persons.
And human beings also suffer indirectly by exhaust fumes. Not only the people suffer, there is also the environment which suffers because of the exhaust fumes and this is the worst aspect of the cars. There isnt anything more important than our environment on which our life is based on and which we have to guard intensive.

Finally I would like to say that cars are too harmful for the people and especially for the environment. But nevertheless a life without cars is unimaginable so there has to be found alternative solutions to run a car without harming the environment.
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