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Englisch Hausaufgabe - kurz den Text überfliegen?!

Frage: Englisch Hausaufgabe - kurz den Text überfliegen?!
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Hallo ,

könnte jemand bitte meinen Text auf Grammatikfehler überfliegen? :)

It depends on the job.
If it is a social job like teacher or community worker employers should consider volunteer work when choosing applicants for a job.Because volunteers show more about theire personality. They show that they are intrest in people and that they are really helpful and want change something for improvement. They show that they are not selfish and maybe that they could work in a team, it is important for an employer that the applicant can working in a team.But in my opinion employers should not consider volunteer work more than the really knowing in the case.So if a really good teacher want a job for example in a school without doing social work and another teacher with doing social work but without enough knowing the teacher with better knowing should get the job. A mix of doing /did social/volunteer work and having good knowing would be the best. So nevertheless people with better knowig should get the job even they are not doing social work.
Maybe the teacher is interested in doing social work but he or she really have not got enough time for doing it .Employers could not know it ,they have to see it for themself.
And it should absolutly not mind if you do volunteer work or not if you have a technical job like cabinetmaker because this job is not really with human. All in all it would be nice if people do social work but it should not be so descisive for employers.

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