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The War Between the Classes

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The War Between the Classes

Summaries of Chapter 8 & 9
The chapter 8 and 9 of the text “The War Between the Classes” by Gloria D. Miklowitz is about Amy’s becoming an orange and her plan to unite all colors.
In chapter 8, Adam is away to his family’s mountain home for the weekend. Amy phones with Bettina who is Adam’s sister. Bettina tells Amy that Adam wants to invite friends for the weekend but Adam does not invite her to the meeting. She is hurt and angry about that. Thereon Amy has a dialogue with her father. They talk about the conflicts between white and other colored people. Amy cannot understand the opinion of her father and she thinks that he has lain too much in the past. Amy calls Juan. She wants to put posters up with the slogan “All Colors Unite” on it. Juan would like to help her and at eight o’clock, they climb the chain link fence. They put the posters up and leave the school. Next day, in the classroom, the G4s want to know who has put the posters up. Amy says that it is her fault and that Juan has put the posters up. Both have to disgrace their colors from now they are orange.
At the beginning of the chapter 9, Adam and Amy have their first conflict. Amy is surprised at the reaction of Adam about Juan. In the afternoon, there is an orange meeting at Adam’s house. They speak about the game and which problems the oranges have there. In the end, there is a discussion between Amy and Adam. She wants that the boys type the girls’ payers. Adam does not want to accept it but Amy is dominant. She is surprised of herself.

Zusammenfassung der Kapitel 8 und 9 vom Buch The War Between the Classes von Gloria D. Miklowitz! Kurz und informativ. (297 Wörter)
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