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Kommentar: "People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading"

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„People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading

Most people read books to escape from reality. Life has always got good and bad sides. When life is boring, people can escape into a dream world and use their fantasy to create an exciting life. Books can help to manage the real life because the people who like to read, for example fantasy-books, always know that they can escape from real life for a while, when they are reading. People can relax while they are reading, because then they can forget the problems and the stress of everyday life. They get involved in the story of the book and put themselves in the position of a character of the book. I do not think that people who read are unrealistic and cannot come back to reality again. You can get to know other people`s lives and their problems, when you read for example autobiographies, then you maybe realise what a good life you have and get more optimistic. It can also happen that you have the similar life-history like the person in the book, which can also help you to get on with your fate because then you know that you are not alone. Some people haven`t got anyone to talk with about their problems, then they do not think that life is the thing, they read a book about people who have the same problem and maybe they will feel better. All in all I have to say that life can be the thing, but sometimes you will feel better when you read a book and escape from life just for a while.
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