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Referat: Modern life under the effect of science and technology

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Modern life under the effect of technology and science


Most of the new developments are good for our life and lead to a higher standard of living. Dishwasher, clothes washer, food processor aren’t) luxuries for our generation anymore, but looking backward this wasn’t taken for granted by people.
All these equipments are very useful in ordinary life.
Of course there are also negative aspects of these developments, for instance burning of one equipment and in the last resort the whole house or some gets an electric shock.
Nowadays most of developments only need a short time to be advanced,
for example the development of the telephone.
At the beginning of communication there was the possibility of diligence in a bigger distance. Messages were brought by diligences, which took a lot of time.
In the 18th century the telegraph for writing was developed and at this moment the idea of the telephone was born by Alexander Graham Bell.
Communication of the people was getting easier and faster than before.
The telephone was developed in 1926 and in 1986 the first mobile- phone was on market.
These days most of the people, and mainly children take a mobile-phone with them day and night.

pro arguments for mobile-phones:

-permanent avaibility,
-a feeling of safety is given by cell phones,
-during an accident you can call a doctor,
-it makes it easier to keep in touch with friends by writing short messages.

negative arguments for mobile-phones:

-children don’t have so much money, they could get into a debt.
-they aren’t credible
Furthermore, another medium of communication is the computer, including the internet.
This medium is the fastest next to the mobile-phone. It’s the most important invention within the last years.

pro arguments for the internet:

-messages can be send in one second via email or a chat program.
-not only communication but also daily news, big shopping centre, dictionaries, other know ledges about everything

Negative arguments for the internet:

-Not every info is correct
-the internet can be dangerous, as well

Another important medium is the television. All these media have a high factor of addiction.
A second row of development: is the development from LP to the cassette to the CD(compact disc), right to the mp3.

Today possibilities of transport are for example cars, train and plans.
The favourite of these possibilities is the car, invented by Carl Benz in 1883.


The atomic bomb was invented by Robert Oppenheimer and Edward Teller.
Only the world powers are allowed to have nuclear weapons.
Also atomic power plant exist to get an energy source.

The negative aspect:
-consequences of atom bomb like the accident of Chernobyl . Until today, peoples health in Chernobyl is damaged, as a result of this accident.

medical advancement:

-laser surgery for eyes
-cosmetic surgery’s
-fight against cancer with chemotherapy

Pro arguments:
-People don’t need glasses any longer.
-people are more self-confident.
-sick people can be helped

Negative arguments:
-it could be, that this operation has to repeated when you grow older.
-it costs a lot of money
-as a result of the chemo people lose their hair and it is not guaranteed that it breaks out again

genetic engineering

One of the most famous cases in science is the sheep Dolly.
It was the first cloned animal and was made at 5th July 1996 and died on 14th February 2003.
Cloning belongs to genetic engineering and is only one part of it. Other things like food were also cultivated by those people. In Germany nobody has been allowed to do some research on embryonic stem stell since 1998. In the USA and in GB you can do research on it.
All thee inventions need a lot of energy. These take up all our natural resources, like oil etc. So the alternative energies, like solar system, wind and water is getting more and more important.
Präsentation auf Englisch über die Auswirkung der Technologien und Wissenschaften in den letzten Jahrzehnten auf das moderne Leben.
- Entwicklung einzelner Gegenstände
- Vor- und Nachteile.
Internet,Telefon, Clonen

The influence of science and technology on the modern life.
- development of some mechanical things
- pro- and contra arguments
- internet, (mobile) phone, genetic engeneering (653 Wörter)
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