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Comment on the topic: "smoking should be banned"

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Comment to „ smoking should be banned

One argument, which stands against forbidden smoking, is the problem with the tobacco factories. If every smoking people have to stop it, the factories will get no more money. One part of the problem is the unemployment, which becomes higher. If for example nobody would by cigarettes, the industry has no chance to exist any more or even to pay their workers. Many people will become unemployed for example by closing the Phillip Morris Company.
Other problems are the taxes, which the people have to pay when they buy a packet cigarette. In addition, these taxes will not exist any more and so the state has to get its money from other taxes in making them higher, like the taxes for petrol. This will make many persons very angry.
My last argument is that when you are smoking many people say that you become calmer.
If smokers for example smoke a cigarette before having a difficult test, they calm down and can more concentrate themselves. If I smoke a cigarette before having a class test it is the same, too I calm down.
You see if smoking should be banned it is not as well as everybody think it brings also problems, like unemployment, higher taxes etc.

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04.10.2002 von unbekannt
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