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Dead Poets society - Veränderungen der Hauptcharaktere

Alles zu N.H. Kleinbaum  - Club der toten Dichter

Dead Poets Society

Why had the motto “Seize the day”such an influence on the boys?
something different
a change
to flee from everyday school life
to be together in a group of friends
to get to know poems
to read out own poems
to get in contact with girls

“Carpe Diem”/”Seize the day” has an effect on each boy in a different way:

Changes and what they bring about:
Todd Anderson: - dares to read out his own poem in the club
- gets more self-confident
( at the end stands up against Mr. Nolan’s warning
( risks his expulsion
Knox Overstreet: - falls in love with Chris
( recognizes, that this love is everything for him
( even if he makes a fool of himself
( Chris falls in love with him, too
Neil Perry: - loves acting, even without the permission of his father
( it’s everything for him
- gets more self-confident, because of the experience in
the club
( acts against his father’s will
( at the end he shoots himself, because he doesn’t want to live the life his father has designed for him
( he rebells against his parents

Charlie Dalton: - tries to introduce new things in the club and in the school:
( takes girls to the cave
( writes the school-paper article, which says that girls
should be accepted at Welton
( paints an Indian Warrior symbol for virility on his body
( wants to drive girls crazy
( supports his poem with music (saxophon)
( for him, not only one thing is important, he wants to experiment many things
( the one who knows what will happen, because of
Mr. Nolan’s humiliation
( doesn’t want to give in, because he supports the truth
at the end the one who is thrown out and he accepts it
Richard Cameron: - is a hanger-on
- the club doesn’t mean very much (nothing?) to him
- is the first one, who goes to the headmaster to tell him
everything about the club
(club doesn’t change him
(his own school-career is more important than the truth
( Is he a realist or an opportunist??
by Melanie Stenzhorn,
14th January 2004
Referat über die Veränderungen der Hauptcharaktere Neil, Cameron, Todd, Knox, Charlie.
Guter Überblick, auch warum das Motto "Carpe diem" so großen Einfluss hatte. Letzte Frage kann als Diskussionsthema verwendet werden. (366 Wörter)
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