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Dead Poets Society - Create a dialog between 4 persons

Alles zu N.H. Kleinbaum  - Club der toten Dichter

Creative Writing: Dialog between Dr. Nolan, Nr. Dalton, Lotti and Mrs Dalton

Dr/Mr Nolan: Lena
Mr Dalton: Lotti
Mrs Dalton: Giulia
Charlie: Laura

N: Good afternoon, Mr and Mrs Dalton. Good to see you.
V: Good afternoon, Dr Nolan. You wanted to talk with us?
M: Are there any problems with Charlie? Did he had an accident? He wouldn’t
make any mistakes, he’s my only son, my sunshine…
N: Mrs Dalton, let’s sit down at first. (Alle setzen sich.) I can calm you, there are no
problems with his health, but unfortunately I have to talk with you about the suicide,
Niall Perry has committed. As you may know, Niall and Charlie were close friends.
V: His family, and especially his parents, and you have our heartfelt sympathy. We
were very shocked, when this message reached us.
M: He was such a nice boy, always polite and nice, and so clever… What a
N: Thank you very much. As a matter of fact, it is a very complicated and hard
situation for the teachers and nevertheless, also for the boys of my school. We try
our best to find the reasons for his suicide. As you may know attended a new teacher
on our school since this year started…? (Stimme zum Ende hin fragend heben.)
V: This Mr Keating, right?!
M: (naiv) Oh, we saw him in the chapel too, he looked so sad. I’ve heard, he had
some interesting new teaching methods.
N: Now we come closer to the main point why I’ve invited you. Our colloquium
thinks, that Mr John Keating and his new, revolutionary (<- sarkastisch sagen)
teaching methods are the reasons for Neil’s death.
M: (erschrocken) Dr Nolan! That’s a huge reproach!
V: Betty! Be quiet, let Dr Nolan explain.
N: No problem, Mr Dalton. (Zieht Dokument aus Schublade vor und legt es vor die
Eltern auf den Tisch) Here you can See a very important document. In it, it is said
that Mr Keating plays the main role in this … incident.
(es klopft.)
Come in!
(Charlie betritt den Raum)
C: Dr Nolan, sir. Mother, father! What are you doing here?!
N: Would you please take a seat? (Zeigt auf freien Stuhl — Charlie verschränkt
die Arme und bleibt trotzig stehen)
C. No, thank you. I prefer to stand.
V: Charles, you’ve heard the headmaster, sit down!
M: Carl, let him stand, that shouldn’t be a problem, right, Dr Nolan?
(Nolan schaut erst nochmal kritisch zu Charlie, dann nickt er halb — Charlie
bleibt zwischen den Stühlen der Eltern stehen)
V: (schüttelt Kopf, redet weiter) We were talking about the … the thing with Niall.
M: But Dr Nolan, I don’t see the reason why Charles has to be here?
N: As we know, Mr John Keating encouraged a group of seven boys to participate
in a „secret organization“, or how they call themselves: „the Dead Poets Society“.
V: (aufgeregt, wütender) In my time at this school, the members were called „free
thinkers“, but also „idiots“! They had their heads only in old books, reading

Shakespeare and stuff like this… And they wanted to allow girls at this school!
C: There’s nothing wrong in having girls here! They would definitely be an
enrichment! Having girls here would be the best preparation for college we could get.
Mum, (wendet sich an seine Mutter) have I already told you about this one test we
wrote with Mr Keating? He —
M: No Charlie, but keep on concentrating —
N: (räuspert sich und unterbricht so die Mutter) The Point is, that Mr Keating made
the boys rather think about how to seize the day than analyzing essays, for example.
He told them to do whatever poppes up spontaneous in their minds —
C: That’s wrong! Mr Keating showed us a way to live on our own, make our own
decisions, and don’t let our parents walk on us! (Starrt seinen Vater an) He wanted
us to think about the things we spent our lives with. The way we lived before he
came was completely wrong, because we weren’t able to find our passion! We all
were like puppets, controlled by our parents (Mutter nimmt erschrocken Hände vor
den Mund) You all wanted us to live your lifes, not —
V: Charles Dalton! I forbid you to talk like this rather with Dr Nolan than with us!
M: Charlie, was has happened to you? You’ve changed, I don’t recognize you
C: Mum, that’s the point. I’ve lived a life I did not want to ever since, it didn’t fit to
me. But Mr Keating made this clear to us! Nial’s dead isn’t his fault, we all know that!
N: Charles, I would be pleased to hear your opinion…? (Fordernd)
C: It wasn’t Mr Keating, you have to believe me! (Leicht verzweifelt) That’s not
right, it’s not honest to say so… It was…
M: (sehr besorgt) Charlie… Is everything okay with you?
C: … it was… it was his father. Mr Perry.
V: (steht wütend auf, greift Charlie an den Arm) Charles Dalton! Don’t be that
disrespectful! (Wendet sich an Nolan) We all know, this is nonsense, Dr Nolan. I
have to excuse me for the behave of my son…
M: … he isn’t like this normally, Dr Nolan, you know him, you understand him,
don’t you? (An Charlie) Charlie, say sorry, behave yourself!
C: No, I won’t deny the truth! Neil is dead because his father forbid him to do what
he loved most. Niall wanted to act, he truly wanted it and he loved it, but his father
was against this. That’s the reason for his suicide, not Mr Keating or the Dead Poets!
We were like a family there, we were able to be ourselves, that —
V: Charles, that’s stupid! Mr Perry only wanted the best for Neil, as we only want
the best for you! It’s clear, that acting is definitely nonsense, just a hobby, but nothing
C: That’s the problem! Mr Perry didn’t even let Niall to this in his free time. He’s a
true control freak, that was the horror for Neil, Mr Perry planned his whole life for
him, without his agreement, instead of let him the freedom to do this himself! He
didn’t want to hear about Niall’s interests! Niall should have become a doctor, his
father wanted him to go to a military school first and then to Harvard and so on… But
he didn’t recognize that this would have been Nial’s personal hell on earth!
N: Mr Charles Dalton, I’ve heard enough. I don’t want to discuss with you
anymore. (Schiebt ihm auch das Dokument hin) I want you to sign this paper, it is
very important for the further case of this incident.
M: Yes, Charlie, please calm down and sign this, it’s the best for all…
N: In this document, it is said, who participated in the DPS (aussprechen) and that
everything was the idea of John Keating, so he is the only guilty person in this case.. C: I’m not going to sign this (tritt einen Schritt zurück), you can’t
V: Charles, you’re confused. Keep your mind together and sign this sheet of paper!
C: No, I won’t —
N: Charles, if you are convinced you won’t sign this, I have to tell you that you are now expelled from Welten Academy.
M: Wait, Dr Nolan, please wait a second! (Wendet sich an Charlie) Please, Charlie, it’s just your name right there, sign it, please!
C: Do whatever you want, Mr Nolan. Punish me. Expell me from this horrible school. But I won’t become a liar, just because I want to save my own neck, never!
N: Charles Dalton, you are no longer a student of this institute. Please get all your things together, you have to be gone before dinner, no matter, how. You can give your school uniform and your books to the secretatrian. And you will pay for the pages, you’ve ripped out. (Steht auf, geht zu Charlie, will ihm die Hand geben, aber dieser wendet sich ab) Nevertheless. Good luck, Charles. I hope, you will understand me, one day.
V: Charles Dalton! (Steht auch auf) You will be punished for that! Don’t you think that you can get through this action as easy as you may think now, you’re completely wrong! The whole thing is going to have consequences!
M: (steht auch auf, legt Hand auf Charlie Arm; sie ist die einzige, die ihm nahe kommen kann) Charlie, what’s wrong with you? (Besorgt, aber ernst)
C: Mum, I thought that even you would stand behind me.
M: (durcheinander) Charlie, I’m sorry, but you have to understand me… I mean… I mean… (wendet sich wieder an Nolan) Dr Nolan, aren’t there any opportunities, maybe an official statement or excuse or something like that? But please, don’t throw him out, just like this, this isn’t fair…
N: Mrs Dalton, I’m sorry, but that’s not my problem anymore. I will call somebody who will lead you to your car, Mr and Mrs Dalton, where you can wait for Charles to come. (Nolan und die Eltern geben sich die Hände) It was good to talk with you about this.
V: Thank you for this conversation, very helpful. (Sarkastisch) (Charlie dreht sich um und geht raus, ohne sich noch einmal umzusehen. Die Eltern gehen mit etwas abstand zu ihm nebeneinander hinterher.) Draußen:
M: Charlie, come on, we have to go!
V: Where do you wanna go now?! (Charlie steckt noch einmal den Kopf zur Tür hinein, Nolan sitzt bereits wieder an seinem Tisch und ordnet Unterlagen für den nächsten)

The end.
Englisch Dialog/Präsentation zu Dead Poet Society von N. H. Kleinbaum; Polylog zwischen 4 Personen mit je mindestens 20 Sätzen. (1662 Wörter)
von chrn29
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