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Charakterisierung Richard Cameron "Der Club der toten Dichter " auf Englisch

Alles zu N.H. Kleinbaum  - Club der toten Dichter

Characterisation Richard Cameron aus "Der Club der toten Dichter"

First of all I hold the view that Richard Cameron is a quiet, very diligent and hard-working student. It is even possible to call him a grind who, however, cannot read between the lines. There is no denying the fact that he is a maths genius, possibly because he works extremely exactly. Cameron is, in my eyes, an overcautious scaredy-cat seldom taking a risk. That is why its a near-miracle that he takes part in the Dead Poets Society, to my amazement, although I consider him to be an anxious person. Yet, I take the view that he just participates as he is a classical hanger-on.

As for me there is no doubt that this inhibited boy is a know-it-all who shows doggedness concerning school. Regarding his acceptance in his clique I think he is not totally established since sometimes the boys make jokes of him.
In the end it is getting more and more obvious that Cameron actually is a traitor for he just wants to save himself. Furthermore, he does not want to gain a bad reputation among the teacher as he is the educators favourite. This is the reason why I am convinced that he finks on his buddies that fact speaks volumes. So I am of the opinion that he is a bad, even an underhanded friend acting the innocent.

1 You think hell test us on that stuff? Cameron asked, looking confused. (Page 27)
2 You know how man demerits were talking about here? Cameron asked Charlie. (Page 48)
3 Im in as long as were careful, Cameron said. (Page 48)
4 If a teacher asks you something, you tell the truth or youre expelled. (Page 155)

Auf Englisch: detaillierte Charakterisierung des Richard Camerons aus "Der Club der toten Dichter - A Dead Poets Society" von N. H. Kleinbaum. (285 Wörter)
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