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Essay: Protecting the Environment

Alles zu Creative WritingNowadays, every country is affected by pollution or any environmental issues.

In the following, I am going to answer the question if it is possible to solve those problems in every country.

First of all, there is one important aspect. Transport is the main reason of air pollution due to CO2 emissions by transport vehicles. Some airplanes are normally used for transporting food. If the majority bought only regional products, those countries could probably reduce dramatically CO2 emissions.

Another significant point is that rivers and seas are often polluted by plastic packaging. In some
countries, plastic bags have already been forbidden and they usually use rather fabric bags.
What has not been quite mentioned yet is that everyone in the whole world has the opportunity to do something against those issues? Furthermore, we could take rather the bus instead of going by car, therefore we could avoid CO2 emissions as well.
Taking all aspects into consideration, personally, I believe that all mentioned issues can be easily solved by everyone. We can make the world a better place, even though we would change just one habit or we care more about our environment.

Ich habe als Vorbereitung auf meine FCE Prüfung dieses Essay geschrieben. Es hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt, denn ich habe eine gute Punktzahl im Bereich writing erhalten. (192 Wörter)
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