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These days it is very common to go on a big travel with some friends after the final matura-exams. These trips make a lot of fun and represent a memorable and worthy end of an 8 year school career.
One disadvantage is that they cost a lot of money. It is undoubtedly the case that we live in an age when the majority of the students is willing to pay between thousand and thousand five hundred euro for a sozzled all-inclusive one-week party. But there are also some alternatives to these organised mass-travels that we are all familiar with. It seems obvious that you can organize varied and cheap celebrations of your school end on your own, instead of using offers from providers like "Summersplash or "X-Jam.
In this essay I want to discuss the pros and cons of a common matura-travel and maybe reveal some interesting alternatives.

Few would dispute the fact that it is very convenient to join a pre-organized journey where you get served from all sides. Especially after an exhausting time of learning it is wonderful when there is no need to make up your mind about anything. A nice time with your friends, without stress and quarrel is guaranteed. It is also the case that you are very likely to meet new people and make new friends because of the constant surrounding of exciting young people that want to make party.

On the other hand, if you get tired of drinking and making party there is no alternative programme. You can't go on a shopping trip or do some sightseeing because there is nothing around you except the party-area. So why not take you best friends and hire an apartment in an exciting city that you have never been before. With a budget of thousand euro, you won't be missing anything if you go and buy it. Additionally, you can decide on the programme after your daily feeling.

In conclusion, everyone has got to make his own decision, whether he or she is willing to do an effort for an independent and sometimes cheaper private-travel, or using the offer of an all-inclusive trip which will definitely free you from all worry. But there is no doubt that the graduates have earned a special time for them after having passed the matura, no matter what type of celebration-trip they choose.
Dieser Essay behandelt die Vorteile und Nachteile einer Maturareise/Abireise. (396 Wörter)
04.11.2013 von lisaoberzaucher
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