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Essay: The earth in 2050

Alles zu Essays and novelsEnglischer Aufsatz, wie die Welt im Jahr 2050 aussehen könnte:

In the middle of the 21st century the world will be the home planet of likely 9 billion people. They are consuming three times more consuming goods as the world in 2015, and people's life will be totally addicted to the technology of tomorrow. But how will our cities grow? How will our eating habits be? Will climate crisis kill us and our descendants? Or will engineers find a solution for global problems?
Demographic changes will occur worldwide. The majority of the world population will live in suburban or urban districts. Work will take place at home instead of working in overfilled and loud offices.
Through decades of environmental pollution by fossil fuel driven cars and factories. Specialists living on the earth of tomorrow will have to deal and find solutions for the "out-of-control rising water level in the oceans, the enormous crop shortfalls due to flooded growing areas as well as military conflicts due to dwindling reserves of drinking water, oil and fertile land.
The financial system as we know it won't survive the 30's of that century. Governments will prohibit commercial derivatives like stocks to encourage the system of supply and demand and to stop artificial price increases. This step will ensure the affordability of basic supplies like staple food or hygiene products as well as the public healthcare system and emergency services.
But future also brings a lot of advantages. We will live longer and healthier than the generations before us. New medications and therapies through technical progress and development will help us to heal untreatable diseases.
In terms of how we will eat is to say, that customers are more informed about products they are buying. This will lead to a real boom of ecological produced goods.
And what will be our culture like? We might not be able to get rid of racism and prejudice entirely but change will come. People are more candid and there might be enough tolerance for a black pope.
All in all, we don't know what the future is bringing, but we should look optimistically forward in a completely new, maybe a little better world.
Englischer Aufsatz, wie die Welt im Jahr 2050 aussehen könnte: (367 Wörter)
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