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Essay "The privilege of living in the country side"

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The privilege of living in the country side


Nowadays, the issue concerning the quality of life, which is strongly influenced by the location where you live, is an actual one in our society. Some people consider that the quality of life depends upon the individual himself and upon his or her goals in life, but according to statistical data, the location is actually a crucial factor. However, country life has many advantages, which results in many young families moving to more rural areas for more or less the same reasons.

Firstly, actual privacy, freedom and tranquillity only exist in in the country side. Cities are packed with people and it is virtually impossible to step outside without being seen by other people or disturbed by the noise of passing cars. In the country, people have no problems with privacy, aside from some nosy neighbours, or constant noise from the traffic and factories. Not to mention the indulgence of being able to take a walk calmly and without any hustle, which is almost impossible in the city.

Secondly, another benefit of living in a rural area is the aspect of health. One key point to this aspect is fresh and clean air. Due to the practical absence of big factories, it is very unlikely to inhale any potentially toxic fumes in the country. In addition, almost everyone has the ability to produce their own food, by growing fruit or vegetables, enabling them to eat food without any food additives. Equally important is the soothing effect that being surrounded by nature has on both mind and body, which takes away a great deal of stress.

Thirdly, living in the countryside is very diversified, exciting and it teaches young people how to handle difficult situations better. While many people argue that living in a rural area is more monotone than city life, it is actually the other way around. People in these areas learn how to be creative at an early age since there are limited facilities for them to visit and the infrastructure is sometimes not as good.

As can be seen, country life offers a broad spectrum of advantages, including personal freedom, health and diversion. It is necessary to say that both urban and rural living have their advantages and their drawbacks. However, since country life is healthier and more peaceful, it is definitely the better choice for living a contented life.
Essay that shows all the benefits of living in the country side and argues in favor of it. (401 Wörter)
09.07.2017 von jothecat
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