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Comment on "Non-conformity leads to Isolation"

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Comment: Non-conformity leads to isolation

The fear of being alone is a constant anxiety of us throughout our whole life. The majority of society attempts to follow rules and tries to act in an accepted and polite manner in order to be accepted in society and consequently to be able to build up a stable community. With the intention of avoiding solitude one often has to cope with one's loss of individuality and accept submission.

Does that correspondingly mean that not being adaptive results in isolation?

Especially for adolescents conformity plays an important role. Outward appearance often counts a lot more than character and to be accepted within their peer group, teenagers in particular have to wear the trendiest clothes, hear the latest music and just be up-to-date. By reason of not obeying these unwritten rules of their community, they are excluded from the mainstream of society. Being different and having uncommon views and opinions cause disagreements and arguments which finally lead to a separation from others.

Notwithstanding the isolated individuals are able to build their own community and therefore would not be desolate whereas the stability of this group of people who cannot cope with regulations, restrictions and the sense of a balanced interpersonal relation is questionable.
Supporting the thesis, Charles Darwin (1809-1882) describes in his theories of evolution that the deficit of adaptability leads to biological selection. Darwin's theories are the basis for human living and consequently affecting our lives. In order to be included in society one has to accept and comply to certain rules and find compromises between the needs of others and of oneself to build up interpersonal relations.

Nevertheless, it is often seen that people who do not want to obey, just do what they want and are simply themselves are admired. Their non-conformity is a sign of strength and self-esteem. They are willing to stand out against the majority and be extraordinary.
Concerning the refusal of adaptability, a personal example displays isolation as a consequence of non-conformity. Exchange students are being prepared for their stay abroad. Spending a year in the U.S.A. I experienced that I had to be adaptive to be integrated in this foreign society. A girl from France could not cope with this unfamiliar culture and refused to participate in the life of her community. As a result she separated herself from others and finally was sent to France.

As distinct from the free will of non-conformity, even people who are on account of diseases and disabilities not able to conform to standards are often isolated from society.
Drawing a conclusion, one must consider the circumstances of non-conformity to evaluate the possibility of personal separation as a result of the deficit of adaptability. Is this loss of conformity created out of free will, inhowfar does it influence other people or does it display the courage to be extraordinary and individual? Non-conformity can lead to isolation which is often caused by intolerance, but summing up there are other results of inadaptability which can demonstrate individuality and the courage of one's convictions. Concerning this kind of non-conformity Ralph Waldo Emerson stated "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
This comment deals wiith today"s society and the problem of personal isolation of an "Outsider" possibly resulting from a lack of adaptability (538 Wörter)
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