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Comment: Outsourcing - producing in different countries

Alles zu CommentNowadays, more and more products are produced by different countries, however, do customers profit from this concept or rather the companies?
First of all, there are many arguments against producing in different countries considering the environment. For example, high co2 emissions, caused by shipping the products to the next country or extracting fossil fuels for energy which is used for the production, can affect the environment seriously. Furthermore, customs cost have to be paid because of shipping products or raw materials into some countries.

There is no doubt that the employees have to work under terrible working conditions.
Another argument is that there are not enough jobs provided in some countries, therefore
unemployment rise.

On the one hand, there are arguments against producing in different countries.
On the other hand, there are as well arguments for producing in different countries.
For instance, every country is specialized on its own skills as a result of this the final products have a better quality than these products would have if only one country produced these products. What has not been quite mentioned yet is that the production does not depend on one location as a consequence the companies can keep the production cost low, and we get our product for the best price.

Taking all arguments into consideration, it can be said that the global players profit from this concept more, but the customers as well due to low prices.

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