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A ticket for a musical

Frage: A ticket for a musical
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Below are the parts of a formal letter and an informal e-mail. Look at the style of language and collect the numbers for the correct parts. A Formal letter:

B: Informal e-mail :
1 It`s because those guys I booked my ticket through lied to me.
2 dear sir or madam
3 On arrival at the theater however I was shown to a seat from which it was impossible to see the whole stage
4 Bye for now Monica
5 HI jon
6 According to you my ticket was for one of the best seats in the theatre
7 I don`t really expect them to give me my money back but anyway I`ll let you know
8 I wish to complain about the ticket which you organised for me for the April 3 performance of Chicago in New York
9 I mean I`d paid for one of the best seats in the place but I was stuck where I could hardly see the stage
10 Yours sincerely Monica Rice
11 Well I got to New York to see Chicago but I wasn`t too pleased
12 I`m view of this my ticket should have been considerably less expensive than was the case.
13 Of course I`ve written a letter to the jerks to complain
14 I expected you to return part of the sum I paid and look forward to hearing from you very soon
B) First work with the parts that you collected in A. Find the correct order for the parts of the letter and write the letter out in your exercise book. Then do the same with the parts in B and write out the e-mail
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Antwort von matata | 13.05.2019 - 16:36
Hier kann man keine fertigen Lösungen bestellen. Hausaufgaben sind dein Job...

Und jetzt macht du einen Versuch,
die Sätze zu zu finden mit denen man so einen formal letter schreibt Setz die Nummern so untereinander, wie man die Sätze der Reihe nach lesen soll. ⇒ A


Nachher machst du die gleiche Arbeit für eine Mail an Freunde ⇒ B informell lettre



Wenn du das ins nächste Antwortfeld schreibst, kann das jemand von den freiwilligen Helfern lesen und dir allenfalls Verbesserungsvorschläge machen.
________________________ - Team

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