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Welcome to my presentation about the city of Los Angeles.

Facts: Los Angeles is America`s second largest city behind New York City. Inhabitants of the city call them Angelenos. Los Angeles has very few skyscrapers so the city is also called a horizontal city. The city is divided into different districts. One of them is Beverly Hills. However, he counts more as an independent community.
In Los Angeles many famous personalities were born like the actors Marilyn Monroe, Leonardo di Caprio, Angelina Jolie and many more celebrities. Los Angeles is a major venue for major awards and award shows.
Los Angeles is seventy-five-kilometer-long and forty-seven kilometer wide.
History: Los Angeles was founded in seventeen hundred seventy-eight as a small community by Felipe de Neve, the Spanish governor of California. Los Angeles became the city and capital of the Mexican region of Alta California in eighteen thirty-five . Since the Mexican-American War, Alta California and Los Angeles have been part of the United States. Eighteen thousand and fifty was created the state of California, and Los Angeles became the city of the United States with all the rights. Meaning: Los Angeles means the angels, they come from Spanish and are related to the story. Of course, the second name of the city is L.A., or entertainment capital of the world. The coat of arms: In the middle is the seal of Los Angeles shown. The seal of Los Angeles shows the coat of arms of California, the coat of arms of the United States, the coat of arms of Mexico that refers to the history of Los Angeles and then the coats of arms of Castile and León, which refer to the Spanish colony. Outside you can still see the name of the city and the year of foundation. The melting pot of America is also felt in Los Angeles, because the population structure of the city is very complex. Earthquake risk: There is always a danger of earthquakes in Los Angeles. Every hundred years, it is said, should cause a major earthquake on the west coast of America. This quake is called the big one. The last The Big One was Nineteen Hundred and Six in San Francisco. The San Andreas Fault has nothing big to do with it, but the two plates, the North American and the Pacific, lie together at this fault. There, they push each other six centimeters past each other, and there are always so much smaller quakes.
Districts: There are various districts in Los Angeles. Now I`m just telling you something about the most famous six. For example, downtown Los Angeles. It is considered the geographical center of the city. The city center is also divided into several smaller parts of the city. Here you will find the few skyscrapers that Los Angeles has to offer, many bars and restaurants, and you can also walk to the founding place of the name Los Angeles.
Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is actually not a district, but its own community, there on the world-famous Rodeo Drive you will find the most expensive shops in the world .
Venice is also a famous district. The American Venice still attracts street artists and freethinkers today. Along the Venice Beach Broadwalk artists show their skills. Whether musician, fire breather or break dancer. Santa Monica. In Santa Monica ends the famous Route 66, which begins in Chicago. The Santa Monica Pier is the landmark of the district. He owns a small amusement park with a ferris wheel, roller coasters and a horse carousel. Other two famous district would be Hollywood and West Hollwood, But I`ll tell you more about it soon. Hollywood: Hollywood became world famous as the center of the American film industry.
It was not until the nineteenth century that Hollywood was discovered by a realtor who then began to sell land. Hollywood then grew very fast and within ten years, the independent community joined Los Angeles. Nineteen-ten was then filmed there also the first movie.
There is a lot to see in Hollywood, such as the world famous Walk of Fame, the Hollywood Sign, Madame Tussauds, the Hollywood Museum and much more. West Hollywood is also a district of its own. There is also the world famous Sunset Boulevard, where many concerts take place. Walk of Fame: The Walk of Fame: It`s a sidewalk in Los Angeles. Currently, two thousand sixty-six stars celebrating celebrities have already been engraved.
Hollywood Sign: The Hollywood sign stands in the Hollywood Hills and is a familiar sign of the film industry.
It also happens a lot in movies itself. The area around the Hollywood Sign is cordoned off and protected from intruders by motion detectors.

Thank you very much for your attention. That was my presentation about the city of Los Angeles.

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