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Referat: Los Angeles : presentation about history and facts

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Los Angeles


- founded in 1781
- got name from the church “El pueblo de Nuestra Senora, la Reina de los Angeles de
- many people came to L.A. in 1876 -> Southern Pacific Railway were completed
in 1885-> Santa Fe Railway were comleted
-> so many people from the USA can easy go there
- in 1892 petroleum were found and film industry change from Chicago to L.A.
-> a wave of immigrants were again
- in 1913 “Owens-aqueduct” were built, because in L.A. lived many people and they
needed all drinking water
- a problem were the more and more social, also partly racist motivated, violent riots
- but crime rate in L.A. is not higher than in other American cities
-> a reason are the protection precautions


- area: 1200 (for that reason is of the biggest city in the world)
- 15 million inhabitants, of it 3,5 million inhabitants in the downtown
- in L.A. live different races
  • biggest group are the Hispanics(40%)
  • behind white(35%)
  • then black(15%)
  • asian(10%)
- in the biggest city of California is a very high smog situation, because
  • high atmospheric pressure
  • in the east are mountains
  • so there is no exchange of the atmosphere
  • the result is the smogsituation
- also many earthquakes are there, last big one in 1994, it was called “Northridge-
  • for that reason important Highways were destroyed
  • but in the Downtown are earthquake safed houses
- most popular street: “Sunset Boulevard”(39 km long)
  • start in the Downtown
  • through Hollywood (from Westhollywood the street is also named ”Sunset Strip”)
  • then the street leads to Beverly Hills and Bel Air before
  • it end at the famous Highway no.1 at the Pacific Coast
- highest Skyscraper is the Interstate Bank with 257m
- famous sights are: Walk of Fame, Chinese Theatre at the Hollywood Boulevard
- ca. 1 carhour southern from L.A. is the Disneyland, it was founded in 1958
- in the west of L.A. is Beverly Hills and Bel Air
-> the 2 parts of L.A. are popular residance of the High Society
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