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Diary Entry: Bitte könnten Sie meinen Text korrigieren.

Frage: Diary Entry: Bitte könnten Sie meinen Text korrigieren.
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Diary Entry

This week was very cool.
My family and I went to Los Angeles. Los Angeles is very great, because there are so many sights. Lot`s of these buildings are interesting, but it gives some sights I doesn`t really like. At the first day, we drove to disney world. Disney world is very pretty, but I don`t like it. I find it is for babys. Another day we visit the Universal Studios Hollywood. It was so cool. The park offers a chance to the film world. I gave this park five of five stars. I recommend somebody who like movies like also this park. And the last the we showed the Hollywood sign. It was always a sight value. I found Los Angeles interesting and now it is my favourit city of the world. I hope I can vistit Los Angeles in future.n..
Frage von Boldos (ehem. Mitglied) | am 11.12.2016 - 11:36

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