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Text in die Indirekte Rede Umwandelnd

Frage: Text in die Indirekte Rede Umwandelnd
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Kann mir einer Helfen den Text in die Indirekte Rede umzuwandeln Bitte ?

But, Mr Holmes,` he said, `the crime was committed25 only a few hours ago, at three o`clock this morning! How did you get
here from London so quickly7`
When 1 left London, I didn`t know a crime had been conunitted,` replied Holmes. `I was on my way here to prevent a crime. But I`ve arrived too late. `Now, Inspector Martin, shall we work together on this
inveytigation24? Or do you want to work alone?` `I`d be very pleased to work with you,` replied the inspector. `Goocl,` said Holmes. Then let`s try to find out what
Frage von Fatihagaoglu | am 23.06.2016 - 06:59

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Antwort von Einhorn2001 | 23.06.2016 - 16:37
würde es so schreiben: He said to Mr. Holmes, that...

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Antwort von McManus | 23.06.2016 - 16:59
He addressed Mr. Holmes and said that the crime would have been committed only a few hours ago and asked how he did get there from London so quickly.
Holmes replied, that he didn`t know there was a crime conunitted. He would have been on his way there to prevent a crime, adding that he was to late. Then he asked Inspector Martin if they should work together on this investigation or if he would like to work alone.
The inspector answered he would be very pleased to work with Mr. Holmes. Holmes calls that good and adds they will now try to find out what happened.

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