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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Barbies and Kens,

Only for a short time, I want you to imagine yourselves in a pink world of plastic, a world in which a person of the same sex- sitting right next to you- could have the same wonderful figure. A world in which apparently all men were poured out of the same muscular mould and all women could show the same wasp waist.
There only would be some differences of taste, concerning your eye, hair, or skin colour and even intelligence was equal, no matter how much might lay buried in your little plastic heads. You all had the same clothing and shoe size and looked alike in our bikinis and bathing shorts.
You may call the world I described a phantasy world, but I, I call it one possibility of the immediate future. And I’m not alone when I say so!
Innumerable scientists fear the speedy option to create people as the mood takes them.
Since, you have to remember: it was already managed to clone!
In 1996, clone sheep Dolly amazed the word, though it lived only 3 rich years.
Today you can regard its stuffed body in a museum in Scotland- as a trophy of gene technological success.
As a result the discussion whether to legalize cloning or to forbid it started for the first time and the subject also served as an alarming pattern for novels.
The phantasy world we just imagined ourselves in seems to move nearer…
You have to know, 3 years before they created Dolly, some scientists published studies about their efforts to clone human embryos! But none of these was able to survive for more than 6 days.
However scaring this process might be, I’m a little glad I can state than the human race has still some good manners remaining. If not, I’m sure the dead embryos would have taken their place next to Dolly.

It may sound macabre but the world of Barbie and Kens is moving nearer and nearer:
It’s only a question of time how long the industrialized nations- and among them Germany!!- succeed in fighting against the legalization of cloning human beings.
Hundreds of gravely ill patient’s lives were saved using the latest findings of gene technological research
But is it still worth living when parents can choose their children’s hair and eye colour or even which qualities the children inherit from mother or father?
A gene to have a slim child,
a gene to learn foreign languages easily,
a gene to have a child which obey and behaves well?
But all n all this knowledge is useless since we could never force ourselves to describe such a “created!” person as PERFECT.
Everyday we would find other defects and feel the urge to eliminate them.
I beg you, have a look onto your inner desires and think about the qualities you would like your children to have.
But stop! You see: more and more ideas you would like to play with are gathering in your head.
Don’t you think it’s much more exciting to buy the pig in the poke and see what you get?
That’s why I say: Be fruitful and increase in number!
… But please, do it in the natural way!
Have fun!!
Ich hab hier im Forum diese selbst geschriebene Rede gefunden und habe sie ins Englische übersetzt und leicht verändert.

das Original beschäftigt sich mit der Frage ob es richtig sein kann zu klonen. Hierfür werden Barbie und Ken und auch "gezüchtete" Kinder als Beispiel gebracht. (546 Wörter)
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