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Korrekturlesen - Writing Assignments 2

Frage: Korrekturlesen - Writing Assignments 2
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2. Trend forecaster – the future, fifty years from now

Use "be going to", "will", the "future continuous", and future time clauses!

Not everybody thinks about the future, but everyone can see,that the attitudes in our life are changing dramatically with the changes intechnology.

In fity years, these changes will take a bigger part in ourlife. In a short time,shopping malls will no longer exist and the pharmacies will close. The people will buy their foods, clothes and medicines online bysurfing in the internet.

The personal communication is going tob e unusual, eachperson will mostly communicate per „email“, „Facebook“ and „Whattsapp“.

The development in plant-biotechnology will affect the production of genetical deformed food. Consequently, this deformed food will cause other enormously changes. Health and nutrition are going to be very important in life. People are going to do more to take care of themselves. People will value on non-chemical and not genetically deformed food, which could increase the number of diseases.

Maybe the people in the past were much healthier than thepeople today and the technological innovations make people just unhappy?
Frage von danke38 | am 14.02.2015 - 15:35

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Antwort von matata | 14.02.2015 - 17:11
Was war deine Aufgabe? Was sollen wir korrigieren? Hattest du Fragen zu beantworten, oder hast du diesen Text frei geschrieben?

Wir können einen Text nicht korrigieren, wenn wir keinerlei Anhaltspunkte dazu haben.
________________________ - Team

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Antwort von danke38 | 14.02.2015 - 22:34
Ich danke Ihnen für den Einwand. Es soll ein frei geschriebener Text nach folgender Aufgabenstellung sein:

Imagine you write for a trend forecaster´s blog. The new year is approaching and you´ve been thinking about the future, fifty years from now. Write a blog post about your predictions. Use "be going to", "will", the "future continuous", and future time clauses!

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