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Text analyse,"life isnt all ha ha hee hee" bitte korrigieren

Frage: Text analyse,"life isnt all ha ha hee hee" bitte korrigieren
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es wäre sehr lieb von euch wenn Jemand den Text korrigieren könnte und evtl Verbesserungsvorschläge hinterlassen würde wie ich es besser machen könnte :) Danke im Voraus

The novel „life isn`t all ha ha hee hee written by Meera Syal, one of the main I narrator and Protagonist Sunita gets to know about her divorced aunty, who get treating badly by all of her family members, but she develop to a strong and confident personality.
The Indian society expect her to acting lonely and sad, but instead he she goes through her life with such aconfident and sincerely appearance. Men acting both of them disgust and adore when she enter a room by her confident and unique style. Women are whispering about her, but aunty doesn`t care about this. In the Indian culture divorced women become a pretty low reputation oft he society. It doesnt matter when she got abused or threatening badby her husband. Only women get the responsibility about the divorce.That was exactly modern aunty fate, many hospital visits and physical abuse, but finally she successfully get out of this desperate situation. Though Indian movies, where divorced women are always dumb and uneducated, people get a wrong image aboutthis group of women. The society would like to reinforce this pointof view by publishing this kind of movies. The Indian cultural saw this problem only exit in the great Britain, where many couple got divorced.
Modern aunty appear confident and extraordinary, which attract a lots of men attention and interest. The reaction about her present, the men get they hair and clothes in the right position. This behavior shows that men are interested in this kind of women, but the society forbid them to love her. Indian men can not impress they feeling about her, because if they do they would become pity of the relatives. Girls get told from childhood that divorced is a disgusting things that only exit in great Britain.So they always have got in their minds not to do such a thing. Parents tell their children British people are bad by wearing short skirts, having bad skin and eating bland food, so children grow up with this prejudice about Europe cultural. The second fact is that the movie industry improve this view of divorced woman by producing movie where this kind of woman are dumb and uneducated. By showing ugly divorced woman with chain smoking attitudes the company would like to bashing their. So nobody would try to get away from theirhusband. The images of a perfect woman should be shy and well behave.In the Indian society a divorced woman especially one who act lucky and confident with a overwhelming positive appearance are not high distinguished. The husband of modern aunty treated her very badly, but the family members give her the fault by dont accepting her decision and ignoring her. Through this hard experience she got stronger and shows the way she always like,like using perfume and wearing modern clothes. By telling her aching past to her niece, she have found the courage to bring her personal experience to the public, what millions of Indian woman are afraid of.
In conclusion I can say, the except of his novel is well done. By using the I narrator the reader get a better view about the emotion of the protagonist, so we are feeling very close to modern aunty. Women have to present courage like modern aunty do and fight for the status about women rights. If there are thousand of divorced women, who stand for they right, their can getthe attraction of the society. If someone in the family got abused, they have to help them got out of it. In the most cases the family members advice the victims to stay with their husband and forgive them, which is a totally false idea.
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Hilfe :( :( :(

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