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Referat: Will Freeman: His way of life and his attitude towards people (Nick Hornby - About a boy)

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Will Freeman:

his way of life and his attitude towards people

At the beginning of the story
At the end of the story
Character quality
- selfish
- superficial
- irresponsible
- self-convinced
- childish, teenager-like (he isn’t really grown up, he is mentally a boy)
p.9, line 13-34 à he is doing the questionnaire
- self-indulgent
- lazy
- careless
- easy-going, relaxed
- cynical
- deceptive
- arrogant
- doesn’t think about the problems of other people
- He often lies (for getting in contact with women)
p.21, line 49-50
p.26, line 15-18
à p.34, line 9-10
- He gets to know about problems
p.59, line 58
Language: "fucking hell”
à shows his feelings, maybe he feels a bit helpless
- He cares about people
à he wants to help
other people with their
p.71, line 41-43 and line 46
- He is happy when he is able to help other people
p.107, line 40-42
- Will realizes that there is something more to life than himself à he develops feelings
p.104, line 6-7
- He is able to take responsibility
- He knows that lies are not a good base for relationships
His way of life
- lives alone, without family à single
- well-ordered life
- does not work
- no future plans
- took drugs
- he thinks that he hasn’t got any problems
- he has got a girlfriend (Rachel) and wants to marry her (he is able to feel real love)
p.159, line 39
- he likes to be together with his friends
- he celebrates Christmas together with Marcus and his family and not alone in front of the TV
His attitude towards other people
- he hates/dislikes children
- he hasn’t got real friends he can talk to and who have got the same interests to carry on a conversation
p.11, line 54-57
p.13, line 52-53
- no real relationship
à only superficial
p.69, line 37-46
- he doesn’t want a lasting relationship
à only one-night-stands
à avoids long-term
p.12, line 26-28
- only pays attention to the exterior of other people à he isn’t really interested in their thoughts
p.44, line 6-7
- he has got friends (he gets to know lots of people because of Marcus)
- he can carry on conversations and is interested in them
- He seems to be more friendly to every kind of person à tries to accept people who are different from him
- He gets to know that people who maybe look weird don’t have to be weird in their way of thinking
p.59, line 26-27
Hier bekommt ihr eine Gegenüberstellung von Will am Anfang des Buches und am Ende des Buches. Es wird die Veränderung des Characters von Will Freeman, dem Hauptdarsteller dieses Buches in Tabellenform dargestellt, wobei ebenfalls Zitate des Buches mit Seiten- und Zeilenangabe aufgeführt sind. Dabei wird nochmal unterteilt in character quality, his way of life und his attitude towards people. Meiner Meinung nach eine gute Hilfe, um die Entwicklung von Will genauer zu betrachten und zu verstehen. (auf Englisch) (449 Wörter)
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