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Kommentar - Many Asians "do not feel British"

Frage: Kommentar - Many Asians "do not feel British"
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I think Asians fit well into society.
I consider myself a British Asian because I am Asian and was born and brought up in the UK. It`s a unique blend, evidence of success is shown in the media on a regular basis. Take a look at different styles and music the British Asians contribute to the world as a whole!
Asif Khan, London

Also er denkt, dass Asiaten gut in die englische Gesellschaft passen.
Wie würdet ihr seine Aussage kommentieren? Stimmt es was er sagt?

Und was versteht man generell unter "to be British" oder "Britishness"?
GAST stellte diese Frage am 21.06.2010 - 18:49

Antwort von GAST | 22.06.2010 - 09:09
Wie würdest du denn erst mal diese Meinung kommentieren?

Da dir der Weg zu Wikipedia offensichtlich zu weit ist, kommt das Suchwort "Britishness" zu dir:
Britishness is the state or quality of being British,[2] and is used to refer to that which binds and distinguishes the British people and forms the basis of their unity and identity,[3] or else to explain expressions of British culture—such as habits, behaviours or symbols—that have a common, familliar or iconic quality readily identifiable with the United Kingdom.[4] Dialogue about the legitimacy and authenticity of Britishness is intrinsically tied with power relations and politics;[5] in terms of nationhood and belonging, expressing or recognising one`s Britishness provokes range of responses and attitudes, such as advocacy, indifference or rejection.[5]

Britishness "sprung into political and academic prominence" in the late-20th century, [6] but its origins lie with the formation of the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.
Historian Linda Colley asserts that after the Acts of Union 1707, it became common for its citizens to assume a "layered" identity—to think of themselves as simultaneously British but also Scottish, English, and/or Welsh.[7] In this formative period, Britishness was "closely bound up with Protestantism".[7] Since the late-20th century, the exploration and proliferation of Britishness became directly associated with a desire to define, sustain or restore a homogenous British identity or allegiance to Britain, prompting debate. For instance, the Life in the United Kingdom test—reported as a test of one`s Britishness—has been described as controversial.[8] The United Kingdom Independence Party have asserted that Britishness is tied with inclusive civic nationalism,[9] whereas the Commission for Racial Equality reported that Muslims, Scots and Welsh may feel quite divorced from Britishness because of White, English dominance; Gwynfor Evans, Welsh nationalist politician, said that "Britishness is a political synonym for Englishness which extends English culture over the Scots, Welsh and the Irish".[10] With regards to a proposed Oath of Allegiance for school leavers, historian David Starkey argued that it is impossible to teach Britishness because "a British nation doesn`t exist."[11][12]
(aus Wikipedia)


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