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Referat: The Commonwealth of Nations

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The Commonwealth of Nations

On October 19, 1926, the British Commonwealth of Nations was founded. Today, the confederation currently has current members are 53 countries and is called "Commonwealth of Nations. It is a voluntary association of independent sovereign states, which consists mainly of Britain and its former colonies. The queen or king of the UK is the head of the Commonwealth of Nations, today it is Queen Elizabeth II.
The predecessor of this confederation is the British Empire. From 1600 to the early 20th century, the British conquered colonies in all parts of the world. The British Empire became the largest colonial power in the world and dominated in 1921 an area of about 37 million square kilometers. That's a quarter of the Earth's land. This is also the reason why English a global language.
How did the British Empire become the Commonwealth of nations?
Some colonies like Canada, Australia and New Zealand since 1847 had its own administration and were from 1918 equated and independent of the mother country, but remained members of the British Empire. The North American colonies had already become independent 1776-1783 and even today they are not part of the Commonwealth of Nations .More and more economic colonies wanted to be independent as well. Large parts of the population of these countries have suffered from the economic exploitation by the mother country and racial discrimination . They had hoped to see the independence of their countries to improve their living conditions.To counteract the complete disintegration of the British Empire and the desire for autonomy of the individual countries, the Commonwealth of Nations was founded on 19 October 1926. At the Imperial Conference in London they decided that the colonies should manage themselves and were compared equal as independent territories to the UK. The Commonwealth is thus a relatively loose confederation of states which has no constitution. Originally, the member states had to recognize the Queen as head of state. Today, even republics such as India can enter into the Commonwealth if they declare that they are loyal to the English crown.
From eight members in 1955, the Commonwealth grew up to a bunch of 53 States that comprise about 30% of the world population today. Most of them are former colonies. With the African country of Mozambique in 1995 the first time in the history of the Commonwealth a country which was never part of the British Empire joined the Commonwealth of Nations.
The headquarters confederation of states is the Commonwealth Office in London, in which a representative of each Member State has its permanent seat. Twice a year, the government of all Commonwealth countries meet up there to discuss political and economic issues.
From the British Empire to the Commonwealth of Nations, and general information (438 Wörter)
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