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Referat: Fire brigades in Germany, Presentation

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Fire brigades in Germany

The fire department is a charity whose mission is to help in case of accidents, floods, fire and similar events.
The tasks of the fire department are rescue, put out a fire, save and protect. Now I'm going to explain the tasks.

Rescue and save:
The firefighters have to help people when they are for example pinched in their car or are in need at a storm or floods. Also they must do everything needful to preserve a human life.

Put out a fire is the main task of every fire brigade. The firefighters go here, for example with a SCBA in burning houses.

The task save is the second main task. The firefighters have to do fire protection at official events. Also they are saving surrounding houses if an nearby house burns.

Firefighters are alerted via a so-called beeper or pager. Than they have do go or drive as fast as they can to the fire department and change their clothes into special protecting clothes. After that, they are sitting on a firetruck and drive to the operating place.

Now I'll tell you about the equipment.
Every single firefighter have an personal equipment. They have a fireproof jacket and fireproof pants. Also they have to wear a helmet with a neck protection, protective gloves and safety shoes. If firefighters are in a burning house, they must have a portable radio to get instructions from the group leader.

Types of Firebrigades
In Germany they are many types of Fire brigades. The two most common types are the volunteer fire departments and the professional fire departments.
The volunteer fire department is made up of people which volunteer their fellows help. You can join if you are 18 years old.
To this fire department also includes the youth fire brigade.
You can join if you are ten or fifteen years old.

The professional fire department is composed of people who work for the protection of other people, what means, they are paid for. You can join this department, if you are 18 years old and have an completed job training.

Each fire department has special fire-fighting cars.
The most famous is probably the ladder-truck. The ladder is 28,5 meter high. This type is used for fires in tall buildings.

Another important truck is the LF KatS, an group-fire fighting truck, which can be used to put out fires or for civil protection. Similar trucks are the LF 16/12 and the HLF 20/16.

A different car is the command car, short KdoW. With this car drives the group leader to the mission place and look how the situation is.
Präsentation über die deutschen Feuerwehren, mit dem Schwerpunkt auf die Fahrzeuge der freiwilligen Feuerwehr Bühl. (437 Wörter)
23.06.2014 von Shortyfox
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