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Referat: Malcom X : English presentation

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- Malcolm Little

- was born on 19th May 1925 in Omaha
- after birth he went with his familiy to Michigan
- his father was a Baptist preacher
- his mother was a coloured woman > Malcolm had a reddish brown skin
- his father often was discriminated by members of the Ku Klux Klan and was found dead when Malcolm was six
- his mother started going mad > so he was sent to another black family and later to a white family
- never finished school
- a few years later he moved to Boston, in the black district of Boston
- began to earn his money with jobs like she shining
- soon he dropped into the criminal scene
- after a year he moved to New York where he got his money from small robberies and working for pimps
- at the age of 21 (1946) he was caught by the police > sent to prison for ten years
- while he was in prison his brothers and sisters discovered the world of Islam (preached by Elijah Muhammed), at first he disagreed with the new religion > after some time he converted
- read some of the holy writings in prison
- was paroled in 1952 > started to preach
- he was famous for his open-minded and direct speeches which often were misunderstood as offense against the whites
- he helped the Black Muslim Movement > soon he was seen as a threat by the white population
- changed his surname from Little to "X"
- in 1958 he married another member of the Black Muslim Movement
- in 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated > Muhammed ordered to not give any comments, but Malcolm X was quoted in an newspaper
- Malcolm decided to leave the Black Muslim Movement and found his own protest group
- in 1964 he pilgrimated to Mecca
- in 1965 he was murdered by a fanatic Black Muslim who felt endangered by his leaving
- when he was a child he had the dream to be white.
- He saw that you have got more possibilities in life if you are white.
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