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Augsburg – sights and history of a 2000 year old town

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Augsburg – - sights and history of a 2000 year old town

The town of Augsburg, founded by the Roman emperor Augustus, has always been a place of paramount importance. Do you want to know why? The reason is Augsburg’s location at the intersection of the most important travel routes on the Continent.
Has your curiosity been aroused? Then let us come to the point.
In the first place, there is Augsburg’s city centre with its fascinating quaint ancient quarters, shaped by its 2000-year history, so that there are all the major architectural periods to be found. Wherever you look, you will marvel at various churches, palaces, museums, towers and fountains. All of these miracles are characterized by the architecture of Elias Holl, the renowned master-builder of the German Renaissance.

As you stroll around, you will certainly come across the landmarks of Augsburg, the Perlach Tower and the town Hall. Both are absolutely worth visiting. The same goes for the Schaezler-Palais, located in Maximilianstreet. Its ballroom is resplendent with carvings, ornamental plaster work, wall mirrors and the extraordinarily beautiful fresco ceiling.
Not forgetting the Fuggerei, a „town within a town“, founded by Jakob Fugger the Rich in 1516. This place is the worlds‘ oldest social settlement for impoverished citizens.

In the second place, after having seen so many art treasures, do not forget to visit a typical Bavarian restaurant. There is, for instance, the „3 Mohren“ in Maximilianstreet, which is famous not only for its exquisite dishes but also for its guests, among them many personalities of radio, television and the press, even.
Last but by no means least you may feel like having some kind of entertainment. Well, Augsburg offers quite a lot of cultural events – there are several theatres and, in summer, the open-air theatre. The latter is especially appreciated by Augsburg’s citizens and visitors due to its glamorous performances.
Moreover, you may spend some pleasant hours in the zoo or in the botanical garden. Both are of special interest in case you visit Augsburg with children of any age.
Summing up you will soon have found out that Augsburg is a charming and attractive town, worth any recommendation.
Thema: Aufsatz über Geschichte und Sehenswürdigkeiten von Augsburg.
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