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Donna Tartt - Tthe Secret History

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Nicola Creutz 06.12.03

Summary, Donna Tartt
“ The secret history

Chapter one- three
In the book “the secret history” written by Donna Tartt a twenty-eight years old man called Richard Papen tells his story about of his live.
He grew up in Plano, California, Richard does not have any brothers or sisters. He hadn’t seen New England or Hampden College before he was nineteen. His dad has a gas station and his mother stayed at home until he grew up and the times get harder. Then she had to go working. The years he lived in Plano doesn’t really matter to him. After a time he found a flyer from the Hampden College.
He decides to study there far away from home. He wants to study Greek, but the Greek-teacher Julian Morrow didn’t want to have more students as the five he had.
The five he had called Charles, Camilla, Henry, Francis and Bunny. Richard wants to have informations about them. He found out that Charles and Camilla are twins and they are living together in an apartment. Henry’s dad is a bank-president and because of that Henry is very rich. The aunt of Francis has a big house in the country.
At one time he meets Bunny, Charles and Camille at the library. They debate about Greek. Richard knew the right answer and tried to tell them. He introduced and they talk about Greek and the Greek-teacher because they know that Richard wants to study it. They told him he has to come again. So he went to Julian Morrow again. At this time he talks with Richard and after that Richard could study Greek, when he cancels all other courses of the other teachers. Richard, Camilla, Charles, Bunny, Francis and Henry become friends. At the weekends they drive together to the house of Francis’ aunt and they had a lot of fun and drink a lot alcohol.
Richard doesn’t know where he could stay at winter holidays because Henry and Bunny drive to Rome, Francis stay in Boston for Christmas and then he travels to New York. The twins drive to their grandmother in Virginia.
Francis and the twins said that Richard can come with them but there was the question of money. So he stayed in Hampden, in a dark, cold and very bald room for the winter holidays. After a few weeks Henry came back from Rome because he had to pay everything for Bunny. Henry drove with Richard to the hospital where he had to stay for four days because he had a chronic hypothermia , with bad diet and a mild case of pneumonia on top of it. Richard was nearly frozen to death but there was absolutely anyplace he could go. After the time in hospital he stayed at Henry until school begins.
478 words
This is a summary of chapter 1 - 3 of Donna Tartt"s "The Secret Histroy".
(Englische Zusammenfassung der ersten drei Kapitel von "The Secret History" von Donna Tartt) (472 Wörter)
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