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My national parc: The Everglades

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My National Park the EVERGLADES


It lies on the southern tip of Florida.

-Date of Foundation:
It was established in December the 6th 1947 to protect wildlife habitats in the central and southern glades.

1,508,508 Acres ((10,000 square km)

As far as I know there are no particular sights. The main reason why the tourists come there is the great variety of animals. The Everglades are especially famous for their great number of bird species and the Alligators you can see there.

-Activities for tourists:
In the grounds of the park you go walking or on canue and boat trips, whilst which you can watch the wildlife. You can also arrange private Ranger Tours.

-Admission charge:
10 $ each car (valid for seven days)

-Business hours:
8.30 am till 6.00 pm

-Natural Environment:
It is a swampy grassland usually containing saw grass and at least seasonally covered by slowly moving water.
There are numerous low islands on which a profusion of trees and shrubs grow.

The climate of the glades is tropical savanna or subtropical and is influenced strongly by the southeast trade winds.

The mild climate provides an environment for birds, as well as for alligators and many species of snakes and turtles. In the past it served as shelter for deer, wildcats, pumas, bears and numerous reptiles. Drainage projects undertaken in the glades have drastically altered the habitats of many species, extending some, as in the case of deer, but shrinking those of many wetland creatures.

it has 1.000.000 visitors each year
it is the largest subtropical wilderness left in the continental United States
It contents the basic facts about the Everglades" national parc (location, size, sights et cetera) very roughly summonized in a circular.

- Location
- Date of Foundation
- Size
- Sights
- Activities for tourists
- Admission charge
- Business hours
- Natural Environment
- Climate
- Animals
- Other

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