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Text zum Uluru/Ayers Rock (auf Englisch)

Alles zu AUD - Australien allgemeinThe Uluu is also called "Ayers Rock. It is a very nice and big rock in Australia. It is 863m high. It can chance its colour in the rain and I can imagine, that this looks very pretty.
Since many thousands of years the Aboriginals live in Australia. Uluu is an important symbol for them. It is an important part of their religion and the Aboriginals want, that other people respect this and protect this rock. In the caves of Uluu there are many cave paintings of the ancestors of the Aboriginals, that lives there today. In the paintings you can see circles, animals and much more. It's very nice and you can imagine, how life was like before thousands of years for the Aboriginal people of Australia.
Next to the Uluu you can listen to Aboriginal music, the sound of a didgeridoo.
There is the question, why the Aboriginal people cherish Uluu very strong. But you can imagine this, if you know the Aboriginal story of the beginning of the world. They think, that there was a person, who was born from the earth. This person got two children. And this people formed the world, because before them, it was flat and empty. If they put a stick into the earth, there grew a tree. The path, where they walked became a river. And when they die, their bodies formed a mountain. And one of the mountains is Uluu. And it looks magic, when the sun goes down and you stand in front of Uluu. Uluu is a part of nature and the Aboriginals love the nature. They live close to the nature and they don't destroy it. They live environmental friendly and if they take something from the nature, they give it back to it. And they see themselves as a part of the nature, like Uluu.
But the Uluu isn't only interesting for the Aboriginals, it is also an important place for tourism. It lays in the Ayers Rock National Park and if you want to see Uluu nearly, you have to pay 25 Australian Dollar. But it is possible, that you are not allowed to enter the National Park. For example at a traditional ceremony of the Aboriginals or when the weather is very rainy, windy or hot or when an emergency doctor has to save a person, who is hurt or when there are clouds under the top of the mountain. But at the most times you can go on Uluu and enjoy it.
This was my text about Uluu.
Dies ist ein Text über Uluru oder Ayers Rock - ein bedeutendes Naturerbe in Australien. (440 Wörter)
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